...and put them in a vase

Any time we’re called upon to make a table centerpiece, we always make a dash out to the garden—both the flower and the vegetable gardens–to see what’s there to inspire us.

An abundance of peppers in the vegetable garden led to these fiery creations.

Globe-shaped vases work best

As you are putting your peppers into the vase, press them as tightly against one another and the edge of the bowl as possible.  When you are about half-way around the bowl, cut a cube of floral foam to fit into the center of the vase to keep the peppers in place.  You’ll want this to be a tight fit.  Then continue filling the vase around the circumference.  Use a few small peppers left on the stem in the actual bouquet to tie it all together.


Once you add the water, the appearance of the peppers will magnify creating a dramatic visual presentation–a great feast for the eyes to accompany whatever you put on the plate.

by Josh and Brent

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Terry Corigliano

Beautiful. Is there anything you two can't do? You both are my idols and inspiration.


What astonishing FLOWERS!! Are those Dahlias and Peonies? I have heard hydrogen peroxide keeps flowers fresh if a little is added to the water…..I love red peppers in contrast with the bouquet.


Brilliant use for the extra peppers! I can't wait to try it out. I have peppers just waiting on the window sill. Do I really add bleach? Never heard of that one but will give it a go.


Don't forget to put a cap of bleach in the water with your flowers. It will preserve them for several extra days of beauty. It will keep those peppers a vibrant red too. What a beautiful idea. Thanks, guys!


Gorgeous. Yellow and green peppers with a bunch of daisies would be so pretty. Thanks for the gereat idea.


Oh I do love that pepper idea. When I was in South Kensington at Gloucester Station tube there is a flower shop. On my way north I stopped in and they had an arrangment wtih peppers. It was divine and yours has such different look.

I love using apples, oranges, lemons, limes whatever you I have in the house. People area laways amazed at the use of everyday items.

Last year at Thanksgiving, I had lots of small pumpkins, carved and put plants in there and used for centerpieces.

I love coming to visit your site it always brightens my day and makes me happy.

Teri Tighe

I really am speechless. You have an amazing gift and they look beyond beautiful, if there is such a thing.