The Hudson Valley, just south of Sharon Springs,  has become an epicenter for the local, organic, sustainable food movement. With its rich agricultural land, the awareness for sustainable living, and the growing demand for local, organic food, the ‘locavore’ farm-to-table movement has become a way of life in the Hudson Valley.

A new book by Francesco Mastalia, ORGANIC,  spotlights the Hudson Valley as a region at the forefront of this movement. It features the dedicated farmers who are committed to growing and producing food using sustainable methods, and the chefs who echo their beliefs and pay homage to the food they produce.

“Organic” is one of the most misunderstood and often misused words describing food today. In narrating their stories, the farmers and chefs share their philosophy about what it means to grow and live organically and sustainably. “Organic is not just about growing and producing food, it is about the life of our planet. It is about preserving an agricultural tradition that will safeguard farmland for future generations.

The portraits of the farmers and chefs were photographed using the wet plate collodion process, a technique developed in the mid-19th century. The 17,000-mile journey through the Hudson Valley includes over 100 of its farmers and chefs.

What we loved about the book is that as you look through all of the beautiful portraits, you see a real patchwork of people from all different walks of life.

The artist has shared a few of the portraits.  If you are a fan of art or farming, you’ll love the book.  Click here to order



  For over 100 more portraits and commentary of food and farming, click here to get your own copy of ORGANIC by Francesco Mastalia


by Josh and Brent

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