We were out in the garden recently when our neighbor, Rose Marie Trapani, stopped by with a piece of her savory Easter Pie.  With it’s layers of pastry, egg, and sausage it was almost enough to make us forget about the Easter dinner of lamb that we had planned.

But why should we?  Rose Marie also came bearing information about a holiday known as pasquetta in her native Italy.

Celebrated on Easter Monday, pasquetta is when families in the village gather together for a communal picnic, bringing all the left overs from their respective Easter dinners to share with everyone else.

We thought this was a wonderful tradition that needed to be revived at Beekman 1802, so we decided to have a pasquetta for our employees on Easter Monday. In addition to Rose Marie’s contributions, we also received several wonderful dishes from our new neighbors, Kathy and Curt Merrick.

Take a look:


Special thanks to neighbors Kathy Merrick and Rose Marie Trapani for sharing their Easter leftovers!


by Josh and Brent

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I love reading about all the happenings on the farm it puts a big smile on my face. Happy Easter and I wish you many blessings Beekman boys!

John Pocchiari

Ah yes, La Pasquetta, literally translated means, “Little Easter”. Being of Italian descent I grew up hearing the word. When I was still teaching school I would always take off the day after Easter if we lost it as a snow make-up day. Italians know how to enjoy life!!

Karen White

I love not only the idea of incorporting a new Easter tradition at the Beekman Farm which includes new neighbors, new and existing employees, but also reading about this wonderful community makes my day even happier!

doreen finnell

I feel so blessed having “Met, “my two new best friends..thank you..

Billie Bassette

Why is your show no longer on cooking channel? It was on at 7:30 CST Tuesday and is no longer on. It is not on at 3:30 CST on Sunday either.

Melody McSweeney

Seriously Brent? You don’t have a label maker?!!! I thought each and every single item in that backroom would be tastefully done with proper labels! You must be verrrrrry busy lol xo!


Love the way you run a business. Keeping your employees happy means for good business

Suzanne Koba

You’re so lucky to have Rose Marie as a neighbor. Her passion for cooking looks amazing.

Beth (Colangelo) Miller

My father’s side of the family is 100% Italian, my grandfather having come through Ellis Island in 1910, my grandmother being first generation American. In that family, food *was* love & friendship. Looks like there was plenty of all those good things to go around at your office!


Somethings taste better the second day. It’s hard to make food for two people? I have had to learn to do this for Steve and I for years! Cooking for two would be just another good cookbook idea?


This is a great idea! Why limit it to Easter leftovers tho? I can see Thanksgiving. Christmas, Memorial Day, etc. “Day After” communal dinners. I’m charging you gents to come up with wonderful names for each day after dinner! Pasquetta, Boxing Day, and ….!