Let’s talk about the baby goats we’ve featured in our latest goat tote. We normally just select one or two cute kids. This year, we decided to spotlight 38 of them (out of 100s – and it was still hard to choose). Many of you have wondered how Farmer John decides on their names. Well, he starts off with the first letter of the mom’s name and goes from there. He does this to keep track of their lineage. And also – it’s cute. This is Part 5 of a 6 part series. There’s a link at the bottom of the page for the other parts.

If your name is Madeline (Maddy for short!), Malani, Marly, Melody or Morris Ilsa then you have a baby goat named after you!

baby goat Madeline with ornate border


Madeline‘s favorite student at the fictional Eastland Boarding school was Natalie Green.


Malani once spent an entire paycheck on a Bayside High cheerleader’s uniform replica. Her idol? Kelly Kapowski.

baby goat Marly with ornate border


Marly‘s favorite rapper is Nelly.

baby goat Melody with ornate border


When Melody plays laser tag, she pretends she’s preparing for a zombie apocalypse.

baby goat Morris with ornate border


Morris‘s favorite movie is Kangaroo Jack, starring Jerry O’Connell.

by Heather Sadlemire

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