Let’s talk about the baby goats we’ve featured in our latest goat tote. We normally just select one or two cute kids. This year, we decided to spotlight 38 of them (out of 100s – and it was still hard to choose). Many of you have wondered how Farmer John decides on their names. Well, he starts off with the first letter of the mom’s name and goes from there. He does this to keep track of their lineage. And also – it’s cute. This is Part 1 of a 6 part series. There’s a link at the bottom of the page for the other parts.

If your name is Daffodil (please tell us if your name is Daffodil), Dahlia, Dana, Daphne, Darhma, Delta, Diane, Diana, Didi, Dido, Doris or Duke then you have a baby goat named after you!

baby goat Daffodil with ornate border


Daffodil has an affinity for both antique chess sets and lemon macarons.

baby goat Dahlia with ornate border


Dahlia enjoys making kites out of vintage lace curtains.

baby goat Dana with ornate border


When Dana isn’t writing awareness letters on behalf of the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle, she is binging her favorite show, Murder She Wrote.

baby goat Daphne with ornate border


Daphne is looking forward to trying out for her local Arena Football team next season.

baby goat Darhma with ornate border


Darhma wakes up with the sun. She finds that’s the best time of day to work on her stained-glass mosaic art.

baby goat Delta with ornate border


In Delta‘s next life, she hopes to come back as a pigeon, as they are a surprisingly powerful bird.

baby goat Diane with ornate border


Diane has been voted “Most Likely to Be Catfished”, due to her trusting nature.

baby goat Diana with ornate border


Diana had a viewing party for the royal wedding.

baby goat Didi with ornate border


Didi holds the record as the youngest goat to ever win the World Poker Tournament.

baby goat Dido with ornate border


Dido spends time on YouTube watching weather news blooper reels.

baby goat Dorris with ornate border


Doris is currently working with Shakira to produce a Broadway musical based on the life of George Nissen, inventor of the trampoline.

baby goat Duke with ornate border


Duke has recently petitioned the Culinary Institute of America to accept goats into their program.




by Josh and Brent

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Doris Condra

I love that my name has been chosen for one of the Goats especially since Doris has been going to Broadway Plays for many years. Guess I will plan on going to see the Story of George Nissen.
Love all of your goats, all of your products and especially sharing with friends and neighbors. I hope to be up your way as soon as possible. Want to see the Farm and every person possible in Sharon Springs. Will make it when we can do a tour and spend a couple of days there and on to let hubby see the Baseball Muesum not far from there. Can’t wait. Love you guys for all you do that helps make America Great. Your neighbor from Hixson, TN