Paper, Plastic or Vintage?


Vintage Flatware Collection
Photography by Adam Milliron


Jodi Hilliard is the official curator of the Beekman 1802 Vintage Collection. She shares regular posts about her finds and using them in your lifestyle. 

My husband and I love to entertain whether it’s with family on special occasions or just getting together with friends for the evening. As we were cleaning up after one our gatherings, I noticed I was throwing away a lot of paper napkins, plates and plastic utensils. The wastefulness of it all made me shutter and I decided to make a change!


Pretty Table Setting with Vintage Pieces
Mismatch Flatware Set

I began collecting vintage flatware, plates and linen napkins to use (and reuse) for our get togethers. I quickly learned that trying to find perfect sets of vintage anything proved to be difficult and embraced the look of my mismatched collection. It’s so much fun to create unique looks for each party with all the different patterns I now have.


Beautiful Vintage Bowls and Napkins
Beautiful Vintage Bowls and Napkins


The best part of having my vintage “party pack”, as I call it, is less waste. I simply wash, store and reuse the pieces which is so much more landfill friendly than creating garbage with the plastic stuff I was using in the past. The second best part is all the money I am able to save from no longer having to stock up on paper and plastic items. Happy environment, happy wallet!

Check out the fun pieces that will help you create your own party pack along with all the other great items in the Beekman 1802 Vintage Collection.


Vintagely yours,


by Jodi Hilliard

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Linda Turner

I love using vintage/antique pieces for entertaining! I have collected old crystal candlesticks, odd plates with some kind of common color/theme, and unmatched but pretty crystal with interesting engraving. I have old silverware with a letter ‘L’ engraved-it was from an aunts husbands family….just so happens my first name starts with ‘L’ so it fits perfectly! Guests have fun checking out all of the mixed up stuff…because it really is so pretty! Old glass and gold accents have such a subtle sparkle compared to ‘new’ glittery decorations…nice article!

Jodi Hilliard

Hi Linda, Sounds like you have the perfect “party pack” of vintage entertaining goodies too! I’m with you, old is so much better than new 🙂 Thanks! Jodi