It seems like virtually every employee that finds their way to Beekman 1802 has creative streak that cannot be suppressed.  Even the long days and hard work at a fast-growing company cannot deter.

Vicki Whicker is the Beekman 1802 Director of Wholesale Accounts.

In 2011, Vicki left Los Angeles for central New York to renovate an 1820′s farmhouse that she found on Facebook and purchased, sight unseen. The rundown property, she would later learn, was named “Dunga Brook,” a once a thriving dairy farm spanning over 2,000 acres in Otsego county. While waiting for renovations, Whicker explored the area using her iPhone to capture the world above and below her feet.

It was this impromptu exercise that marked her personal awakening to the astounding beauty of New York State; beauty that has surely been here since Dunga Brook’s hay day.

Of the contemporary medium and her process, Whicker states, “iPhoneography as a mobile method for making art and as a creative movement was exploding around the world while I was stalking the flora and fauna of my new home. Coming from LA, I was in a paradise- the lush trees, the long country roads lined with Queen Anne’s Lace big as pie plates, the crimson and gold fall leaves, those first pristine snow flakes. The more I shot, the more I saw; the more I saw, the more I wanted to see…by the time my house was done 6 months had passed and I had produced over 20,000 images…through the lens of my iPhone I fell completely in love with central New York.”


Dunga Brook Diary: A Year of Seeing Differently, is Whicker’s first iPhoneography exhibit and features her evocative 8″x8″ limited edition images printed directly on metal.

Cherry Branch Gallery in Cherry Valley, NY, (the next village over from Sharon Springs) will be hosting an opening reception on Saturday, April 6, from 5-7pm.  Works will be available for viewing and purchase throughout the month of April

Art is in the palm of your hand.



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  • By: Centralia Heart

    Steve and I have rescued several old run down houses. But we always see them in real life first. She is a very brave woman. Congrats. I lived in Oneonta in the 60’s and it was a wonderful and beautiful place to live. Centralia

  • By: Barrie

    Gorgeous and inspiring. I found your show yesterday and it’s coinciding with a tremendous transition in my lifestyle and process. Thank you for expressing these values purely and publicly!

  • By: kris irwin

    Love the pics. I got a chuckle today. My kids looked at our window sill and said, “the zombie flies are back.” You r missing one great pic. The sign that spring is here. The Zombie flies.

  • By: brook w

    Love it. I grew up in the country in so IL. My wife is from Chicago. It is amazing how much she has

    Love it. I grew up in the country in so IL. My wife is from Chicago. Over the last 30 years, I thought I was teaching her about country life, but it was actually she who was opening my eyes to all the beauty I’d missed.

  • By: Heather

    Somehow in our modern culture, art has become exotic or extraneous to daily life. Vicki reminds us that creative expression can be integrated into an ordinary day, using whatever is on hand, with magical results.

  • By: rodgere57

    While the photos are awesome, and the images captured quite breath taking, I am most inspired… I guess that says it best, that someone would pack up their life and move across the country and do so while purchasing property UNSEEN. I applaud your daring. That spirit is what made our country and will remake it again.

    Enjoy your farm.

  • By: Carol Maguire

    Vicki, your photos are just amazing! Would you mind if I post some to my Pinterest page?
    I hope to see you and more of your work if you’re in Sharon Springs for their June festival.
    Love your work!

  • By: Mitzi

    I have been blessed to live on 55 acres of heaven. I have stopped in amazement of how nature works every day. The chickadee in the photo reminded me of the one I raised after finding it only a few days old. I had him two years. He would not leave me. These are the moments you breathe deep, because they take your breathe away. Thank you for a deep breathe.

  • By: Ann Hoffman

    Vicki Whicker I am right behind you
    I would love to move from LA and how great you could explore your talent

  • By: Amy Smith Wexler

    I absolutely adore her. I had no idea she had such wonderful talent! I would love to have one of those prints. I hope you keep local art alive in a section of the new Beekman store.

  • By: Renate Beedon

    Beautiful pictures. Does she use any external (macro) lenses or are the pictures taken just with the iphone?

  • By: rodgere57

    It is simply amaxing what beauty lies within our sight… we just have to stop and look.

  • By: Sandy S.

    Vicki’s photography is absolutely amazing! An ALL TIME favorite artist!

  • By: Kristin Suys

    Vicki is a treasure! Through Facebook, I’ve watched her work evolve over the past year-plus, all the while enjoying every image – both journalistically and artistically. I wish her every success and look forward to hanging her work in my home soon.

  • By: colleentaylorartist

    Gorgeous aren’t they! I’ve been Vicki’s online friend since she started her iPhoneography. She’s the real deal, Love her!

  • By: Randy Baldwin

    Stunning photos. Successful people surround themselves with other successful people. I have a niece that was in charge of Honey Bunches of Oats at Post, and Now marketing for American Express travel. She is 31, beautiful, and I have met many of her friends and there is not a loser in the bunch.

  • By: Beth

    Gorgeous! Wish my iphone pictures turned out like this!

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