Watch Farmer John love and care for our 100 goats in real time, live from our farm in Sharon Springs, New York! John has spent the last decade on Beekman 1802 farm caring for our best milkers! Did you know that each new baby goat is named using the same first initial as their mama? Just like the Kardashians with Kris, Kylie, Kendall, Kim and Khloe– We’ve got Sue, Sarah, Sandy & Selena.

Due to our rural location, we lose power more frequently than most homes. Camera interruptions may happen from time to time.


In addition to our own goats at the Beekman 1802 farm, we source our goat milk from 25 privately US owned family farms, owned by multiple generations of farmers.

These dairy goats are fed a balanced, vegetarian diet, which is full of nutrients, and free of antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products, and preservatives. They eat alfalfa hay, as well as a blend of grains including oats, barley, and corn. In addition, the goats receive almond hulls for fiber, salt blocks for digestion, and vitamin and mineral supplements for overall well-being. They also have plenty of fresh water on demand at all times.

At the farms, the goats have plenty of room to roam around during the day to both the inside and outside areas. Shelters provide protection from the seasonal elements such as extreme heat, cold, or rain.

Goats are very social animals, so our farmer partners make sure to keep them together, and provide them plenty of open space. It is important to note that these farms are regularly inspected by state and county agencies.