Beekman Blend Maple Syrup Flavor Codes

All Maple Syrups aren't created equal...literally. They're created by the natural minerals, enzymes, sugars and other nutrients in the ground under each tree. All of these contribute to the flavor of a particular syrup. And, in fact, syrup produced from the exact same tree will change in flavor from year-to-year, month-to-month, and even day-to-day. It all depends on the daily needs for that sends messages down to its roots requesting specific nutrients at different times.

This results in a huge range of flavor differences —from vanilla, caramel, nutmeg, butterscotch, toffee, to citrus, floral, grassy, chocolate and espresso. Which is why each bottle of Beekman Blend Syrup comes with a flavor note code. No, you can't order a specific flavor profile...whatever comes out of the ground is what we work with and offer, fresh from the tree, moment by moment. We believe in living seasonally and appreciating all the differences...and trust us...every batch is amazing in its own way.

Flavor Code Key (Code is located on the back of your bottle.)

BB-1 A serious syrup to take you from your breakfast oatmeal to finishing the day with a Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour! Smooth, balanced butterscotch-y syrup with hints of caramel and mineral notes. Yum!

BB-1A B1A Sugar and spice and everything nice! This yummy bottle warms your tongue with vanilla and caramel notes, highlighted with hints of mixed spice and light mineral undertones. A sunny syrup for brightening up your day!

BB-2 Remember enjoying the Toasted Almond Ice Cream Bar the Good Humor man brought to your neighborhood? Well this syrup is reminiscent...toasty almond with a bit of vanilla, and a secondary oak-y flavor--delicious!

BB-2A This batch is rich and robust without being exceptionally heavy. Featuring toasted barley and caramel layers under-laid with hints of vanilla and mineral. Equally as good sweetening your coffee as your raisin toast, this syrup will be fabulous for any serious syrup needs~

BB-3 Beekman Blend 3 brings you the golden tones of creme brulee...toasty with hints of nutty caramel and vanilla! Swirled in your coffee or drizzled on your quinoa, this blend is sure to please the palate

BB-3A Holy smokes! Lemon zing over a toasted merengue base…B3A will help your taste buds dance! Try this in a lemonade, over a Belgian waffle, or drizzled over an unfrosted cake.

BB-4  Pure sunshine! This midseason blend has the warm tones of toasted marshmallow and butterscotch with subtle undertones of cinnamon. It will remind you of waking up in a Sunday sunbeam~ Notice the gentle dusting of healthful minerals and proteins on the bottom of BB4 bottles--the trees have been busy getting ready to push out leaves!

BB-4A A nicely balanced syrup with levels of vanilla, toffee and butter with hints of buckwheat and lemon

BB-5  Spring has sprung! This well-rounded syrup presents a floral blend with grassy sweetness. Makes you want to throw down a blanket and read a book~

BB-5A This syrup will impress with its deep, sweet nuttiness with undertones of vanilla. Earthy and rich, you’ll be reminded of the forest from whence it came!

BB-6  This balanced blend has hints of dried fruit, overlaid with tones of mixed spices and a buttery finish. A significant syrup, whether in your evening cocktail or drizzled on a mesculin salad. Pure pleasure!

BB-6A This syrup tastes of dried tart cherry dressed with toffee—a perfect complement to nearly every dish or beverage!

BB-7A Mmmmm, this rich syrup is buttery with notes of dried fruit and a hint of molasses at the end

BB-8A A warm brown sugar syrup with hints of cinnamon, this syrup is full of sugar and spice and everything nice!