Beekman 1802 Monthly Cheese Club


For the true cheese lover who appreciates a good surprise. Each month you (or gift recipient) will receive a shipment of either a classic Beekman 1802 cheese, a new Beekman 1802 cheese, or a unique small-farm cheese that Josh & Brent discovered during their travels. And sometimes a special cheese accompaniment as well. Typical weight of cheese received is often approximately 1.5 lbs. however due to significant differences in per pound value and certain artisanal cheeses only available in specific size wedges or full wheels total cheese weight received will vary month to month.

Choose between an ongoing monthly subscription, a three month non-recurring subscription, or a six month non-recurring subscription.

Each month's shipments will ship on the first Monday of every month so you can get your cheese fix like clock work. (Click here to download a printable gift certificate to send to gift recipients.)

*Please note discount codes are not applicable to subscription products.

Note: Subscriptions ordered on or after the 25th of each month will begin delivery the month following the next month. Example: Subscription ordered on Jan 28th will begin shipment on the first Monday of March.