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Look through the comments below for over 2000 (!) great holiday tips submitted by Beekmans all over the world!


Note: This contest has ended.  The winner was chosen using a random number generator and their Vitamix is on its way just in time for the holidays!


This Holiday Season, Mix It Up!!!

At Beekman 1802, we believe in heirlooms and family traditions. We also believe in creating NEW heirlooms and family traditions…and sharing the ideas!

This is the inspiration for our Mix It Up contest!

We fell in love with our Vitamix mixer when Josh got one for his last birthday.

Did you know that you can make soups and hot chocolate right in the blender and the force of the blending actually heats every thing up so it pours out ready to eat or drink?!

And clean up is easy, too.  Just pour in a bit of soap and water and hit the button and the blender virtually cleans itself!

We love ours so much that we want YOU to have one, too.

Here’s what you have to do:

In the COMMENTS section below, share one idea (cooking, decor, entertaining) that you plan to use this holiday season to mix things up a bit.

You can enter more than once, (up to three times each day,) but each entry has to be a new idea.

The winner will be chosen at random and will receive their very own Vitamix to use by Thanksgiving Day!

The rest of us are winners for getting to read through all the great ideas!



by Josh and Brent

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Shelley Echtle

One of the new things we are trying this year, is each person’s dish must have a recipe card pre-printed, in front of the dish, so guests don’t have to ask for the recipe. Don’t you know when you find something fabulous at a party, and forget to ask for the recipe. Then the next time you are preparing for your own shindig, you can’t think which party, and which person’s dish was whoms! This way, we can eat, enjoy, and pick up a recipe to carry home. I’ve printed mine off, with a glossy photo on the back of the page, my phone number for questions, and a detailed grocery list! Yes, this year, I am collecting the new “heritage classic recipes”.

phyllis ostrofsky

Since the Vitamix is promised for Thanksgiving day use, I assume a winner has been selected and the Vitamix is on it’s way to you. Congrats!. And, I’d like to mix things up by wishing everyone here a happy Thanksgiving. and Chunakah!

phyllis ostrofsky

First, good luck to everyone who has entered this contest. Second, to mix things up since Thanksgiving & Chanukah fall on the same day, I’d serve fried pumpkin donuts for dessert.


Oh, and I’ll be serving a grapefruit sangria with the hors d’oeuvres on Thanksgiving. Because I could use a bit of summer right now…