There’s not a day that goes by during summer when we don’t think: “Thank you, William Beekman, for picking this spot for your farm.” (We’ll be honest…that’s not always the case during the brutal winter months.)

We always carry our phones with us while we’re doing chores so we never miss a picture perfect moment. Of course it’s impossible to capture all of the beauty in photos…but here’s our best shot(s):



by Josh and Brent

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Your farm is so welcoming and I can’t wait to visit on August 13th! Your home framed with lupines…beautiful! I think I sampled all of your goat products. Love ❤️ them!


Lovely rose vino and beautiful peonies pic 😙
Thank you for your wonderful products, I use them daily, love the sexy, sexy scent
and honey grapefruit, I’m 100% less grumpy! Savor the summer wonderful neighbors! 🌞😚


I’ve never seen Beekman farm look more lush and beautiful; I’ve followed yawl for quite awhile. I love that you know the history of all your plants. Summer is such a magical/renewal time. It’s good to see you both enjoying life because you deserve it. You are the hardest working neighbors I’ve ever seen. BTW: save me a piece of cherry pie..yum! God Bless.

Sherry A Walker

“The goats stay in the shade of the bar for most of the day.” Honey, so do I!!

Mary Stratford

Happy 4th from James & nana🌭🍦🍷🇺🇸(QVC customer) we love you hi neighbor

Robert Greene

Ha guys,
Loved your pictures and the butter video. Loved your hat. Dann has one on the same idea.
Happy 4th to you both.
Robert and Dann

Joyce North

I love, love, LOVE the making butter video on Yiu Tube!!!

I miss seeing you both on TV! You are both so dear!❤️❤️❤️

Happy Fourth of July!!!


Love your photos. Love your farm and goats. Simply adore your products. Believe I may have to go into an addiction program from purchasing so many products from you. Happy 4th to you all !!!!!!!!

Beth Robinson

My household is still asleep, so I got to enjoy your lovely photos along with my coffee. Thanks so much for your generous hearts that allow us to share your life and home. Perfect beginning to the 4th of July. Soon I will be knee deep in potato salad making, so I appreciate the quiet and calm that you have brought to my day. Most of all, thanks for simply being you❤️


Great pics! You guys take such good care of your farm. I can see how much you love your home. So beautiful!

Catherine Graham

Hey guys I made a spelling error on soon I meant to say so …I am so sorry and I do have a question about when do you think you will be getting more of the whipped body cream in pure…goat milk in the duo …I had to order the single because you were all out of the duo set and I have very sensitive skin and my skin does not seem to do well with anything with scents but this is the very first time I am trying your product and next month I will be purchasing all of your skin care products because they are all natural and having ecxcema I don’t want things that have a smell in them and my husband to be in September will also be using everything along with me as well and also I would like to let you know I am on Pinterest…and I put you guys on there under me as God’s Creations but my maiden name ( Catherine Wyatt . ) I thought you would be happy to hear that…well I will be going but I am a talker and also to let you know that next month our home is in Brooklyn, New York and my husband and I to be in September are very private people but both of you have really gotten me interested in all your things you have my neighbor and new friends….once again Happy 4th of July ….

Toby Baruch

I’d love to visit the farm one day. It’s looks like the garden of eden. But I really appreciate your graciousness for sharing it with all of neighbors. Thank you so much it brings me a lot of joy.


What beautiful pictures to look at before going to bed. By the way, isn’t that Mindy Cohn?

Beth Turano

These pictures are amazing. I cannot even imagine waking up to this every day. I especially loved the picture of Josh’s parents!!


Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures!! Saved a few to switch around as my phones home screen pic. I envy your wonderful life. Love to you both!!


As always, I so enjoyed your pictorial of your farm and friends (2 & 4 legged). Very pastoral and lovely.
And that cherry pie – yummmm! Any hints on how to keep the birds from getting the cherries? We’ve had only 1 year of getting to the fruit first!

Thanks, Josh & Brent, and have a wonderful 4th.


God Bless. Thanks for loving Mother Nature as you do and bringing her to us in various forms, and of course your love for those beautiful goats!


Happy 4th! Thank you for pictures and all the glorious products, I love them all.

Donna Hobbs Conner

It’s wonderful to se the evolution of your beautiful farm since you first began.

Shirley Outen

Happy Independence Day, Josh & Brent. Thank you for sharing your photos. They reaffirm my love of the beauty of our country and somehow renew my faith in America.

Pam Eberle

Happy 4th of July, Josh & Brent! Thank you for sharing the beautiful farm pictures! Love it!
A Beekman Boys fan/neighbor

Linda Ogden

Love, love, love all of your wonderful Summer pictures! Everything is so beautiful and green….I would never go inside! Happy Summer!

Donna Freeman

Love all your pictures! Your farm is absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit sometime, possibly. I love all your products. Happy 4th of July boys, be safe! Your neighbor Donna