When I was a child almost every Sunday’s paper would have a small advertisement in the classifieds showing an old photograph of someone. The caption read:  “Lordy, lordy look who’s 40”.  I don’t know what I found so captivating about this bit of hometown humor. Perhaps it was trying to figure out what 40 year old face the person seen in the photo had morphed into. Perhaps it was just that the age of 40 seemed incomprehensibly old.

We marked Josh’s 40th birthday with a small gathering at The American Hotel and by adding something to the Beekman Mansion that we hope will be there always—a symbol of permanence and stability (click here to read more about The Table)

We marked my 40th birthday with a small gathering at The American Hotel and by adding something to the Beekman menagerie.

In a dog rescue about 2 hours south of the farm, was the offspring of a chance encounter between a retriever and a Great Pyrenees (it was a wild night, and we didn’t ask any questions).

And she found her way to us.

Her name is önder, (pronounced under) and is a combination of “under” and “wonder”.    In Turkish, the word means “leader” or “chief”.

As we look into her eyes, we see nothing but a lifetime of love and devotion.

As she looks into ours she thinks:  “Lordy, lordy, look who’s 40!”



In the comments section below, tell us your dog’s name and how they changed your life.

by Dr. Brent

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Does Onder live inside or outside. Brent is such a clean/neat freak, I would think he wouldn’t allow the dog inside because it carries germs.


I have a great pyrenees named Zack. He is one of the best dogs I have ever had. We got him to be a livestock guardian, which is their job, but it is too hot in Florida for him to live outside, so he found a place in our home. We have so many stories about Zack. His personality is like no other. At 160lbs he gets respect from his people friends but other little dogs don’t care if he can hurt them with just a paw. We had a 5lb poodle that would curl up on Zack’s tail so he didn’t have to lay on the cold tile. Zack doesn’t like the cold tile either. He will take your blanket in the middle of the night and work relentlessly until he has it perfect between his front legs and under his head. Then the snoring begins. Unfortunately, they have a short lifespan. He has made it to the average 12 years. I am hoping he beats the odds, as long as he is healthy, and we get many more years to have him in our family.

Centralia Heart

Well, there are no dogs on Centralia Farm, but there are 5 cats. Emily-Rose, Hannah, Abbie, Molly and Christmas. They are all rescues. I love them dearly. They provide comfort when I am upset, and companionship when I feel lonely. I love being a cat mama. I make sure that they have a wonderful life every single day. Centralia

candy turner

We adopted a dog from a shelter about an hour away from our home.Her name is Princess.She was to be spade on Monday and we could pick her up Tuesday.Sunday night she gave birth to 5 puppies! Who knew? We had to wait until the pups where weaned before we could bring her home.We traveled to see her every week so she would get to know us.We finally got to bring her home and she has been a wonderful pet.We love her so much.


TED is my 4 year old friend. His birthday is today. He is an 18 lb. mixture of Bischon, Llasho Ahpso and poodle. Sorry don’t know where the spell check is. He is a wonderful. He is funny, he is smart, he is loving he is warm and compassionate. I am terminally ill, and when I have my slower days he is too. When I feel ‘normal’ he is ready to be normal also. And we are off with the days adventures together. He is a blast to be around.!

Deb Walter

Bless your days with Ted…..thinking of you today & praying a blessing for you…..

Jon Weatherman

Our boy was named Shao Mai. He was a Chinese Shar Pei, a breed we loved because they have, among the breed standards, a hippopotamus shaped head. He was adorable, wrinkly and intelligent and loving, swiftly adapting to life with Daddy Rick and Daddy Jon in a Manhattan apartment (he was born in Middletown, NY). When he entered our life he became its focus, and it was only upon his parting that we came to find how much of our world revolved around his care. Having our boy was never a hindrance on our lifestyle; he became one of us, traveling to many places (always by car) and becoming the apple of the eyes of his primate-American aunts, uncles and grandparents. When it came time for him to leave us he was almost eleven. Forever some of his ashes drift in Hong Kong Harbour and at the monastery Po Lin on Lantau Island, his ancestral home and the residence of Matgow Law, the man who rescued the breed from oblivion.
[we found Shao Mai’s name in a Chinesse Cookbook, little dumpling.]

Julian Holloway

Judah Blues, a hilarious mix of Lab-Blue Heeler-John Belushi, treats us like rock stars each time we come through the door. Every day is an adventure with this silly boy!

LeAnne Gerling

Our dog, Weezer, followed my granddaughter home from school 10 years ago. He scratched on the door at 9pm. We let him in and he is still here. He was my husband’s constant companion when he got cancer, and never left his side. weezer likes to crawl under the covers and sleep by our feet. He is gray hai,red now and not so fast, but still faithful.

ruby 2

My dog’s name was Turbo–malmute and shepard–and he definitely was a wound up tubo charged rescue animal. To tell truth he was a bit to handle, but I had made the commitment to get a dog and saw him through the highs and the lows. He was very faithful, loving and never a dull moment for us.

ruby 2

She is so cute….I hope Polka Spot does not get upset with you taking so many pictures and paying more attention to Onder. Great name too.


She is gorgeous, but I think you need some helpers on the farm… Like border collies. They are natural herders and I’m sure they could cut polka spot out of a crowd and bring her to you!


What a sweet girl! Looking forward to all the posts and updates about what she gets into as she grows into a lady.


I’ve been dreaming of a black lab puppy for years (I even think I know her name). Josh has relented before my husband… maybe you fellas could talk to him 🙂 Happy 40th, Brent.

Lulu Bayless

Love the puppy – sooooo very adorable. Thanks for adopting a rescue…I have a black retriever with one eye who is a rescue…so sweet. All my rescue animals have been sweet and loving. Good job fellas. Lulu (San Diego) Love your show too – although I really just started watching about a month or two ago…and the series are old. How are you guys doing now? Hope all is well. Sending love and good thoughts your way.


Onder is a doll. Lucky dog to find the Beekman Boys, but what’s happened to Faintly?

Ursula M.

Happy belated birthday—-and Congrats on the new addition to your family!! Rescue animals are the best!!!!!

Lisa Rebucci

What a beauty she is! So happy for both of you – things are looking up. Happy Spring. Enjoy your new bundle of joy.

Sacha Krawczyk

My dog, Phoebe Sue is a 5 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She came into my life after my previous corgi Owen Tucker had to be put to sleep after a long illness. I was heart broken after the loss of Owen, and little Phoebe helped fill the void that his loss brought to my home and my heart. Phoebe has the sweetest, comical and loving personality and I can’t imagine my life without her!

Chris Peterson

Hope if was a great birthday and the puppy looks like a great addition to your farm/home/family. I’m sure this puppy will be much more loyal than Polka Spot……..


Happy Birthday, Brent!
So happy you got what you’ve been wishing (hoping) for in a while.