Come take an autumn walk with us around the perimeter of the farm…


by Josh and Brent

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Marlene King Warner

The tour brought back so many memories. Thank you, thank you. I spent a lot of time on this farm. My grandpa and grandma King owned this farm. Even lived in “your house” for awhile. I would roam the fields you showed, sit on the hill and take in the views. As I went through your pictures, I could vision myself in the places you showed and got a little homesick. I live in Florida and love it here but nothing is like “home” where I grew up.

Joan Marie Belden

Thank you for the tour, it was wonderful. Wish I could get there to see it in person, but I am not in good health 71 yrs of age and falling apart. The pictures are great and some should be printed and framed. Take care of yourselves and enjoy your youth. Make every day like it is your last. Love Joan Belden in Florida (I miss being in Ct. and MA). I went to Vermont once and it snowed a lot. It was beautiful.


Hugs and kisses to Brent first of all, and
“Oh the glories of fall” beautiful, wonderful colors.
Truly a blessing 🙂