We’re very proud of the success of “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” and have so enjoyed meeting all the new “neighbors” from all over the world that it has brought into our life.

The show stands apart as one of the rare reality shows that captures a positive portrayal of small town America and good people working together to preserve and sustain a disappearing way of life. We thank our many viewers who have written us over the past two years to express their gratitude for a family-friendly show that focuses on optimistic achievement rather than spectacle.

As many of you know, Planet Green no longer exists, but thank your culinary stars that Cooking Channel (the little sister to Food Network) has swooped in to rescue the show.

On Sept 20, at precisely 10pm, Cooking Channel will start airing episodes from Season 2.

Here is where you become more important than ever!

You must tell everyone you know to tell everyone THEY know to mark their calendars.

If all of you tune in, they just might be convinced to turn the goat cam on again and start filming a Season 3.

Until then—we have a Harvest Festival to plan!!  Sharon Springs is more fabulous than ever–just you wait and see!


Click here to learn more about Cooking Channel.



by Josh and Brent

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Telling everyone I know to watch you on the Cooking Channel! My favorite show! Even the re-runs!


You guys ROCK in anything you do from writing,cooking,making and running in my book you are GREAT

Jessica Lodge

You two are so very inspirational and I really have missed your show on TV. Whenever I feel down I re-watch season 1 on Netflix and it always makes me feel happy. I will definitely be tuning in on Sept. 20th and I will be praying that they pick you up for a new season!


it is going to be soooo much fun ,ill sit on my soft comfortable chair and with my friends, drinking a big cup of tea cheers september 20 coooooool

Sharon Schirard ***

I Love watching Your Show and all that you Teach Us *** My Little Chickens that watching you both has myself added our own little farm, which have now grown into 9 hens and our Rooster Mr Oh-Henry Chicken has his own Facebook Group following … I'm hoping to add some Geese as well as some Silver Dorkings this fall.. I Can't wait till your show is back on Tv on the Cooking Channel!!! you'd better believe I'll let my close to 800 folks on my Facebook group know ***


Happy Days are here again!

Everybody tune in!

Write letters, send emails to the Cooking Channel, and tell them we need a Season 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 …………….etc.

Best people & Best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole LeMere

You have no idea how excited I am!! I was not lucky enough to have Planet Green as one of my channels. I do have The Cooking Channel, however! I'm so excited!! The first time I saw your show, Discovery Health had a marathon. Once I saw it…I was hooked! I couldn't wait for the DVD to come out. I was waiting for Season 2, but the DVD never came out! Thank You, Cooking Channel, for picking up one of the greatest reality shows ever made!! My Calender is marked. I look forward to watching!!

danny fletcher

Telling everyone! We'll get season 3! Chad and I will see at the Harvest Festival in Sept. Will enjoy the fabulous festivites.

Kristine K

OH, how I have missed you! I am beyond words with excitement of seeing you back on TV! You both are FABULOUS!!! I wish you great success!!!


Been checking now and then to see what you were up to but what a delightful surprise to hear you'll be back on TV. I miss the fun of the farm and the glimpses of the Beekman Mansion. See you in Sept.


Yah!!!!! I just know there will be a third season – marked my calendar and can't way. Miss all of you so so so much. See you soon in tv land:)

Kerry Kassinger

You better believe that Im going to spread the word about you guys to all of my facebook friends so that they can inturn tell their friends and so on. I cannot wait until Season 3 premiers. It will happen . . . . you guys are way to fabulous !!!

JoAnn near Seattle

Yeahhh! I've marked my calendar and can't wait til the fall now! It's been a long time, but I've been watching my taped episodes in the meantime, and getting your newsletters has been wonderful.

Joy Van Berg

I am so excited that you will be back – definitely want to see season 3 – and 4 and more – Pax et bonum.

Joy Van Berg

I am so excited that you will be back – definitely want tot see season 3 – and 4 and more – Pax et bonum.

Dolores Harrison

My Farming friends in the TV Box are back.It's like I have been getting static and finally I can tune in……Yea..:)

Chad Snodgrass

Danny and I are telling everyone to watch. We have given your products as gifts to many friends and co-workers and they love them! Looking forward to seeing you in September!!


Congratulations to every iving thing at the farm! You so deserve this. Thank you for the joy & laughter.

Sue Knight

This is so awesome!!! Now I believe my daughter can catch it in Savannah too. WOOOHOOOO. I hope to see a wedding in Season 3?

Ed, Heidi&Kait M

Welcome back and the world is in a better place now!!! Will there be a presence of the Cooking Channel at this year's Harvest Festival?

Carol Maguire

Congratulations to ALL of us!! It makes my heart is just so happy to have you coming back again.

Farmer John, please buff up the goats, dust the Diva and get ready for a season 3. I'm sure the

Cooking Channel will be hearing from us early and often. Thanks for coming back!!!!


Great news!! I think a cooking show from the two of you would be great as well. I don't think there is a show on either Cooking or Food that shows how to use fresh seasonal foods and how to keep them for/preserve for out of season use. I think Josh's realistic presentation of food would inspire the rest of us to try it and realize that we don't need to create the stylized look we always see on the shows. We just need the taste. Sorry Brent. I know that wouldn't fit your orderlyness but the rest of us need the inspiration.

Mel McSweeney

Not to worry friends – your new program will be a SMASH! Can't wait to see you again. . .


So excited! Finally some good television will be on! Spreading the word and sending hugs to you guys! All the best!