When we first moved to the farm, after buying it as a weekend “getaway,” we promised each other that we’d walk around the perimeter of the property at once each weekend.

And then life happened. You know the story. The farm was no longer a retreat. In fact, it quickly became a full throttle advance.

But every once in a while we remind ourselves that we haven’t fully appreciated what we fell so deeply in love with five years ago. And we go take that walk.

Below are some pictures we took on our walk this past weekend. We had some questions about some things we saw…if you have answers (or just theories,) please put them in the comments below:


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  • By: Jessica Horton

    I’m just discovering your blog via Jenny Komenda! My husband and I really enjoyed watching you guys win the Amazing Race…. I love looking through your property photos and I my first instinct was “man, what a great place to host a wedding!” As a wedding photographer, I’m always on the lookout for neat venues. I hope to hear stories & see photos of your wedding there!

  • By: Ann P.

    Beautiful photographs and commentary Josh. I have just finished Bucolic Plague (during my four-hour round-trip daily commute into the city) and loved it yet sad to have it come to an end. Just set the DVD to record your show and can’t wait to get more of you and Dr. Brent. Thank you for your inspiration to get out of the business (I too am in advertising) and into the country (we just bought our retirement home on a lake!) Three more years and we’re there!

  • By: Lisa

    Beautiful! I had the pleasure of taking part in the tour last fall. Can not wait for this year’s trip. Thanks for sharing.

  • By: MaryAnn Colgate

    Deer are the ones who steal all our corn and run into the woods with it as do the raccoons, but the raccoons take the whole stalk!

  • By: K Fish

    Picture #9 is so beautiful. I love the red leaves laying amongst the empty trees and the gray sky in the background. Perhaps you should try selling some of your photos online, I would definitely buy a print. Also, congrats on your big win – I had only seen a few episodes but was cheering you two on.

  • By: Marion E. Martin

    Josh, Couldn’t put the book down, read it it one day. Now waiting for “Not Myself”–
    So sorry I didn’t watch the “Race”, must have been something else. We’re a few miles from Albany so when Spring arrives I intend to see the farm in the flesh. You two are an inspiration! MEM

  • By: Raine Grammie

    Absolutely beautiful, each season. I was lucky to be in Sharon Springs in the spring. Hope for many more visits

  • By: Kelly Stewart & Kenny Nix

    Love your farm! Reminds me of our days on the farm in Tennessee where we had 70 acres and raised Emus.While maintaining a full time airline career.Wow,total respect for the farmer for sure.They were the most challenging days,and the most rewarding days too! Look forward to keeping up,as we have fond memories of our days on the farm. Happy Holidays!
    Kelly and Kenny
    Albuquerque,New Mexico

  • By: April

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!! thanks for sharing…..

  • By: Cindi from Ohio

    there looks like plenty of room in that gorgeous house for me to live in too! I am in desperate need of a tranquil vacation, when should I arrive 😉

  • By: Gary Klug


  • By: Rhonda W Hanson

    I’d bet it was a deer that took the corn. That fire bush is gorgeous. I got tickled at the last picture’s caption. I say that often upon returning home. I don’t get to watch much grown up TV so I had no idea you were on and won the Amazing Race, but CONGRATS!! I was introduced to you and your farm through Country Living magazine. I just placed my first order and cannot wait for it to arrive. I plan to order some of the soaps next!!

  • By: debbie

    Congrats on winning the race! What an experience for you and to watch at home!! Love watching your show also. We all have so much in common in finding our way as the new generation on the farm. Your place is wonderful.

  • By: Amanda

    Oh my goodness… you have a BEAUTIFUL farm!! I am sooo jealous!! That barn… that house… swoon!!!

  • By: pilar

    CONGRATS TO YOU BRENT and JOSH ! Im one of your fans in phillipines i was watching your show the beekmans farm i really missed the show ; especially the beautiful goats and farm john. I loved to watch amazing race too; when i saw you on the race ; i always watch your race until the end. Im so happy and my heart is pounding when im watching the last race oh Gush! you just dont know how we screamed while watching..
    Wish you next year for good health and a perfect wedding hope i can watch it on your next episode…. Enjoy life !

  • By: Georgiana Kisch

    I live in Middlefield, NY. We are neighbors. I had the opportunity to tour the farm at Harvest Festival. Amazing beautiful place. We are so fortunate to live in this area of the country. Congratulations on your win.

  • By: Judy Deaton

    I wonder how you keep the manor warm. Old family homes have diabolical insulation. I once rented an old manor house in Britain for the winter and have never been so cold. My furry-booted feet were frozen; I made hot soup every day and cuddled round the wood-fired cooker as the wind whistled from under the kitchen sink. The stone roofing fell off on cue as I came home with my Christmas purchases and the ceiling fell in at the top of the stairs. If I lit the Inglenook and the small fireplace at the same time, the hallway became a flue obscuring my view as I attempted to read the old library and 19th C graffiti scratched on the windows. The family thought the experience a great, haunted adventure when they visited for the holidays. But they went happily home afterward to warm beds. I was only warm when I went to bed with a steaming hot water bottle. I hear it has changed hands. Hope the new owners invested in R30. Memorable, though I never had to fight zombie flies. Thanks for all your stories.

  • By: Deanna C

    What a beautiful home! I loved the walk around the farm, it was great seeing all the beauty that abounds on your property. Thanks for the tour.

  • By: Mike Thomas-Faria

    So nice to tour the countryside vicariously. Randy and I had to give up our little slice of upstate a few years ago. Nothing as exapansive as yours, but we do miss it. How lovely. I can feel the cool air and sense the peace and quiet.

  • By: Joyce

    that picture a little color,but mostly on the ground would make a lovely wall art quilt, i can just see it in beautiful batiks.

  • By: Donna

    We all must learn to never take anything for granted that enters and becomes a part of our lives……..

  • By: Barbara Kvalsvig

    I was happy you said “the twins” were actually nice. I really started to dislike them and were angry they called you the gays when everyone else called you the beekmans.

  • By: Denise Lewellyn

    Josh, your writing style is like listening to a good friend tell you his exciting latest happenings.
    These photos reminded me that it’s been WAY too long since my husband and I walked the perimeter of our little farm. LOVED the old coffee pot!! That spout is so pretty!

  • By: Riccardo Velez

    I was praying for you guys to win the amazing race! Congratulations! Always the good boys win! Specially if the have good manners, and they are intelligent and remember how to say hello and goodbye in different languages, just not the easy ones Hola, Adios! Bon Jour, Au revoir! but the difficult ones like (merhaba ,v güle güle) Turkish, I love you guys! Congrats!

  • By: Riccardo Velez

    I can read in the pictures that it will be the coldest winter with lots of love but the warmest love in that house, and 2013 a happy and lucky year full with blessings and finally you guys can work and be together in the farm!

  • By: (Mr) Kelly Stewart & Kenny Nix

    Beautiful property! I appreciate how much work it takes to run a farm like this.Makes me miss our Tennessee farm we once had, 70 acres raising Emus,plus full time airline jobs.Wow,the hours,def. a labor of love.Look forward to keeping up with your journey…:o)

  • By: Susan B

    RE: ominous skies — I love them; they mean something amazing is going to happen. Not a bad portent for a wedding.

  • By: Kay

    I have been routing for you two to win the race since the beginning. Watching you win last night was so great! Way to go! I loved your tv show so I hope you can do another season.

  • By: Connie Johnston

    I am a mother of 3, grandmother of 9 and great-grandmother of 4. I am so very proud of both of you. Your perseverance, your positive outlook and determination are an example to all of us. Congratulations.

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