Inevitably, (thankfully,) there comes that one day in March when there is more earth visible than snow. One finally gets the feeling that winter has packed its bags. Sure it may have a few flurries left in its toiletry case, or a blizzard in its carry-on, but for the most part winter is heading further north for the summer.

A heavy rain is a sure sign that that day has come. But no matter how steady that rain may be, it won’t keep us in the house.

Here’s a few recent pics we took during our walk on “The Day The Ground Appeared Again.”


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  • By: Beverly Nan Murphy

    Do you have those blessed peepers in your ponds? Driving home last night by the brook, they were singing their wet little tails off here. Love them so, sitting up to their eyes in cold slush, still they sing of hope and promise. No silent spring here. Muddy, like your own sweet selves and happy for all it portends. Enjoy. I did. xx

  • By: ConnieW

    Thank you for sharing these pictures! I know the exact day you are talking about, when you walk outside and can just smell it and feel it in the air…..that the worst is over and Spring is just around the bend. I can just feel the freshness in the air and smell the rain from your pictures! I have always loved the rain, and to watch snow fall. My favorite season is Fall, though, when the heat and humidity take their leave, and the trees are ablaze with red, gold, yellow, orange, burgundy, even purple, the air is crisp and cool, and the leaves rustle and crunch under your feet. Then there are all the aromas like burning leaves, pumpkin pie, chimney smoke, homemade soup and chili, etc. It would take too long to list the fall activities that make it so special, and I don’ know how I got sidetracked and rambling about Fall, anyway. That happens a lot when I’m on the Beekman site! LOL! You get me thinking about ALL the things that make life good!

  • By: Angie Falzarano

    Josh and Brent, these pics are . . . WOW!!!! This makes me want to come visit even more. I love to visit places like your Sharon Spings. Those out of the way areas thhat most people have never heard of. Places that if you don’t know the book or have never seen the area by internet or blog when you tell someone you are going there they look at you with confused look. Why would anybody go on vacation to a place like that. My question back is always why not? Love to see more pics!!!!

  • By: Katy

    Love the pictures and “tour” around the property. I wish I was looking at puddles. =( Today in Maine I am looking at a blizzard that is re-covering my garden. It was so close…..

  • By: Robin

    You’ve really learned the rhythms of the land. Thanks for sharing.

  • By: Jane

    Wonderful pictures. Your next pictures might be the 12 inches of snow coming tonight!

  • By: Heather

    All I need for Spring is my bright red wellies (recommended by Christopher Robin). It may be snowing again today in New York state, but the earth is stirring and waking under its blanket. That magical time between sleeping and waking promotes the most vivid dreams…

  • By: Diana Tousey

    Can’t wait for the mud to appear here in northern central Wisconsin, still have knee deep snow and more on the way.Thank you for the lovely pictures, I am sooo jealous.

  • By: Dorothy Hayes

    Thanks for the walk between the rain drops. The farm always looks wonderful to me.

  • By: Mel McSweeney

    I am hoping that during your walk, you took a few moments to thank God for all that He does and all that He has given you. Thank you for sharing your walk, I could almost smell the smells that only Mother Earth can produce. . .

  • By: Teri

    Loved the walk……and I didn’t even get my muckers muddy !! Thanks we love you guys !!!

  • By: Monica H

    Fantastic pictures! I, too can finally see the ground here in Michigan and the crocus are up! Should have some blooms by Easter.

  • By: Sannebear

    I spied my first garlic shoots today here in Beacon, NY! Spring is nearly here!

  • By: Kristine

    What a blessing to live where you live! Love all the pics but especially the last one!

  • By: Beth

    It is so beautiful there. I never would have thought of leaving the fruit tree branches on the ground for the deer/bunnies. Brilliant!

  • By: Cathy Gallagher

    May I used the one with your goats at my background page? They are so cute, looking out.
    And Iam so sorry to see Maria go. She was so nice in helping me get the ‘Love Bites’ to the correct address during Valentines. Wish her happiness.

  • By: Jill B

    Thanks for sharing the spring floods with your groupies.

  • By: betty conger

    love the picture tour. Today is very windy in central NY and the wind chill is in the single digits. SO wishing for spring. Thanks again for the tour! I know that spring will be here soon.

  • By: patricia brennan

    I think I need a hot cup of tea after looking at all the puddles and rain. Brrrrrr, not a fan of cold rainy days. Your photographs are beautiful though.

  • By: de

    these are beautiful pics. thanks for sharing. you guys live in a slice of heaven.

  • By: sue wimble

    I was just looking at pictures 11 and 12 and I was wondering if you had thought about planting native grasses in the low lying areas. I can’t tell what is planted there currently but it looks like lawn.

  • By: Karen

    Really makes me homesick! Are the red-wing blackbirds announcing their arrival? When I waited for the school bus in another part of Schoharie County, the melting snow and the raucous calls from the red-wing blackbirds were the signs that spring was at hand.

  • By: Karin Thomas

    Thanks for taking me on a walk about. I love your farm and can’t wait to see more pictures as spring progresses.

  • By: Kristil Sahlin

    I live in San Diego. Could you please explain what is meant by rain, snow, and winter? 😉

  • By: Karen Sullivan

    I’m so homesick! I am from Ithaca and went to college in Albany. I’ve driven Route 20 hundreds of times. I love Spring! and Summer and Winter and Fall! I’ve been in the west for many years now, but the NY countryside is my home.

  • By: Bev Nan Murphy

    How dry is your basement? Thanks for your macro-observations and getting YOUR
    feet wet in these photo ops. I finally got to sweep the tons of dropped birdseed from the
    rear deck. Next comes the power washer. Bye bye cabin fever; loved your inspirational “push”.

  • By: jennifervizzo

    I realize that blogging is the in thing, but your ruminations scream “write a book”, at least to me. I would SO buy a copy!

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