About the only thing the journalist liked about Sharon Springs was the Pavilion Hotel. (Although he couldn’t resist ridiculing one notable guest.)

Everybody always says that Sharon Springs has “seen better days.”  Well, that may be. But according to one New York Times reporter, it wasn’t “all that” even when it was all that. Click to download pdf: Sharon Springs New York Times


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  • By: Jane

    What happened to the download? I couldn’t read it an i would like to!

  • By: Beth K.

    10 years younger…sounds like I could use a sulfur bath! Love the part about Mr. Vanderbilt’s whiskers. Such a fun piece to read. Thank you!

  • By: rebecca winchester

    never ever believe what a reporter has to say about your town! I am sure that Sharon Springs is awesome because it has two of the greatest fellows living there. I hope to visit there myself — it is on my bucket list.

  • By: sue tolbert

    Let me do a review and I’ll spread the word. Hard to fine a place with more beauty, people with kindness in their hearts, comminity working together for the good of all …… sue t.

  • By: Eric Ligner

    Fascinating how it was considered good for one’s health to soak in sulfur springs. The town must have smelled awful. Do people still come to the town to avail themselves of the waters to relieve their various “gitises”? Thanks for sharing the article. I really enjoyed it.

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