There’s those few weeks on the farm between white and green when everything is brown. Mud Season. As the snow melts, and there aren’t yet any growing roots to suck it up, water streams and puddles everywhere. Every footfall is like stepping on a sponge. And sometimes the ground decides to keep your shoe. But while it certainly does no favors for shoes and carpets, we’re tremendously grateful for the wetness. A dry spring portends a miserable growing season.

Join us as we take a walk around the farm with some friends on this first official sunny day of Mud Season.


Special thanks to Dave McCormick of Kitchen Culture for sharing his photos.

by Josh and Brent

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Carol Lewandowski

Lovely view. I have wild crocus all over the front lawn. Spring has finally arrived. Oh, I also have mud. The dogs love it.

Teri Smith

I can’t believe you weren’t out walking in your Muck boots. This is the perfect condition for them,,,,,can’t get mine off of me!!


Loved the pictures, the change from winter to spring is amazing all of the sights and sounds, nothing like the running water and singing birds, then the little green sprouts coming up through the snow and wet ground. Love it. We are starting to clean up our lawn and gardens.

Centralia Heart

Yes, we are also having mud season. Last week I parked my jeep behind Steve’s truck in the driveway. Of course that is when the fire siren went off and Steve had to leave. Backed up the jeep in a hurry and got stuck in the mud. Thank heavens for 4 wheel drive.