After a certain age, it becomes overwhelmingly clear that there is no gift that we can give mom that anyway repays her for the gifts she gave us. This Mother’s Day, we want to help you thank her for all those gifts. Thank her, for all the sleepless nights she spent soothing you back to sleep while keeping monsters at bay. Thank her, for the chicken soup and the tissues and maybe even an extra day off from school when you came down with the sniffles. Thank her, for teaching you how to tie your shoes and how to fry an egg and how to stand up for what you believe in without belittling the beliefs of others.

Thank her for pushing aside any self-doubt that, no doubt, crept in at some point; when she had to remind herself that the days may seem long, but the years are short. Thank her for surrounding you with love and light in a way that nobody else ever could.

Thank her for your mom.

Submit a photo of you and your mom to [email protected]. Include both your names, your location, and a few sentences thanking your mother this Mother’s Day. (Do you and mom share a favorite Beekman product? Do you make a Beekman recipe together? Be sure to share that, too!) 5 winners will be chosen – at random – to win a Beekman 1802 bag full of products, valued at $200. Oh, and on TOP of that, each mother is going to win a full year subscription to the Beekman 1802 Beauty Box.

Contest closes 5/8.



by Heather Sadlemire

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Maryanne Matchett

Beekman products have changed my life! I am 59 now. I use all the happy place laundry and upolstry and glass as well as soaps hand cremes it has cleaned my home from top to bottom my clothes my skin just Superior quality products!!! what a value!thank you Brent and Josh! I only use beekman in my home and life.

Robin Dooley

I lost my Mother 13 years ago this June. I WISH I could spend time with her and share your products. Sadly, she passed from a heart attack very suddenly. I just want to tell others that read this to call your Mom, go see her, and spend time with her as one day, you’ll get that phone call that she’s gone!!
God Bless you both for being such huge inspirations to others and making GREAT products.
I couldn’t figure out how or where to post the pic though?

Larraine Bordeaux

Unfortunately my mom is no longer with me, she has already gone home to GLORY but if she was still here I would truly spoil her with your awesome products. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of her but not to my heart knowing that she is in heaven and I will rejoice with her again soon. Thank you guys for making me smile every time I just get any emails from you. Keep being the humble neighbors that you are.

Susan Tische

Sadly I, too, do not have a picture of me with my mother who is deceased now. All of our family photos and recipes are gone due to disaster.
I believe that the time I took helping her when she became older and eventually was unable to complete simply tasks was just as appreciated as what she did for me and my sister when we were little. I mention the recipes because I remember the hand written ones in fountain pen from her and my grandmother, both who had taught me to cook…yummy thick buttermilk biscuits, cakes etc.
Thanks Mom…
I have enjoyed, in the past, the plain goat milk soap for the purity and Mom did too when she came to live with me. Of course a few fancier beauty items would make anyone smile.
Albuquerque, New Mexico is home.

Jodi Moen

My mum is deceased and I sadly don’t have a picture of her with me but I honor her anyway. My mum raised 5 kids by herself with no child support, alimony, or welfare. She worked her butt off to give us a good home and even though she worked so hard, she was always there, and she quite literally sacrificed her life to give us a better life. She was the epitome of a loving mother, and I still hold onto the values she taught me as a youngster. Every day I’m alive I appreciate her more.