Beekman 1802 susan g. komen

hi neighbors,

Our Neighbor Services Team is very small. Chances are, if you’ve called more than once, you may have talked with the same Team Beekman member.

A comment that they’ve heard come through time and time again is from those, in some way, affected by cancer; currently fighting, currently surviving, or currently supporting someone in the fight. And that comment is how our goat milk products have been one of the only things to soothe the skin after radiation or chemo. We’ve heard how soap and water were unbearable, but our face wipes helped clean without hurting. We have heard that our whipped body cream brought unfathomable relief to exceptionally dry and cracked skin.

When we were presented the opportunity to partner with Susan G. Komen, it seemed like the right fit for us and our neighbors.

We encourage you to join Team Beekman, either in person or virtually, in the fight against breast cancer. If you’re in the area, register to walk with Team Beekman on Saturday October 6th, 2018 at Empire State Plaza in Albany. If you’re out of town, you can still join our team virtually. We encourage you to take a walk that morning.

Stay tuned as this page will have more updates in the near future!