Sometimes life is like running a marathon, but this Sunday, sit back and let Planet Green and The Fabulous Beekman Boys run the marathon for you!

It’s a marathon of Season 1 made more fab with pop-ups of behind the scenes info just like this:

by Josh and Brent

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Hi guys…just wanted u to know you were featured in Newsday (Part 2 section) today with a nice article!!


I loved the more FAB episodes. If you liked Pop Up Video in it's day, you will LOVE Pop Up Beekman. I watched them all day yesterday!!

Maggie Hansen

Of course I am looking forward to Season #2, but I must say I was hoping the pop ups would be included as well. I watched the marithon yesturday of Season #1 and loved the pop ups.


Josh, the writer/ad man

Brent working like a mad man

A new season of shows to anticipate

One day left, and I just can't wait

Farmer John, give the goats a gentle shove

Thank you, all three, for your wisdom & love.

maria robledo

This is insanely entertaining! Brent and John are so brilliant. They are so natural. I love them both. They are so good together. I can not get enough just watching via Planet Green, that I still have to go to the website to play episodes over and over again. I can not wait for March 21 for the season 2. I just wish that there will more seasons to come. I am a fan.

Vicki C

I love the pop up idea!!! I love watching the old 80s videos do pop up video, so why not you guys too! Awesome idea!

Johanna R

I never get tired of seeing this promo, the new pop ups are funny! Can't wait for the new season to begin.

suzanne spina

Hmmmm…really cute. I am interested to see how the pop-ups present in the show. Not so sure about them just yet. I know, "if you don't have something good to say…" ;D


Promo w/pop-ups = funny!

Looking forward to new shows and Spring coming to Upstate NY – in that order!