Team Beekman has been hard at work getting the new Mercantile location ready for our Grand Opening during Garden Party Weekend (June 1st & 2nd.) Here are some “before and after” shots to share what we’ve accomplished this month. Most of the exterior work will commence soon, now that the weather is warming.


by Josh and Brent

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Ursula Anderson

looked at the pictures of the hotel and you could see it was once grand. then I looked at the pictures of the neglected areas of Sharon Springs that never recovered during aan up time. I am so happy that I looked at the Mercantile renovation last, it gives one hope. What a wonderful thing for the life of this town that the Beekman Boys got lost, fell in love with an old mansion & decided to build a life there zombie flies & all.

Dorothy Regulski Powell

do you think there might be spirits about, since it was the jail???? a visit is now on my list for fall trips!!!!


Can’t wait to see the progress! First trip to Sharon Springs scheduled for Mothers’ Day weekend – a gift from my lovely spouse.

Amy Smith Wexler

I cant wait to see it! With it formerly being a jail, and with the bit of history I know about the building, I wonder if it’s as haunted as your house?

Sabino Escobedo

Josh & Brent,

The new Headquarters look GRRRRREAT!
Congrats for the Beekman 1802 expansion program……

I wish you the BEST!

Your friend,


WOW!! Very Nice Guys. Wish I could be their for Grand Opening,But live in Calif. Next time I come to Philly I will come visit.. Good Luck, Joy


How exciting! I am enjoying this transformation…just as Mother Nature is transforming the Earth around us as spring makes its sllllllow entrance…….


Brent and Josh, beautiful job on the old Merchantile Building! I hope you filmed the project and plan to have it be one of the future episodes of the Fabulous Beakman Boys. Living in an old house ourselves, we realize what a labor of love it is to bring an old structure back to life and keep it a part of the history of a town. We admire your commitment to Sharon Springs and the Schoharie Valley. Hope to see you soon.
Tom and Karen Thorpe
Voorheesville, NY

Sandy S.

What amazing history! Fits Beekman 1802 so well. Cannot wait to see it later this year!

Cynthia A.

I love that you guys are adding to your community by renovating this building. It’s also great that you know the space’s history. Cannot wait to see the finished space.

margaret thall

As soon as I saw the basement I wondered the same thing -then after reading it was once the town jail sparked my interest even more – wonder where are the records for the jail?

sue tolbert

Brent, At the rate Beekman 1802 is growing, in no time at all you’ll have to purchase the entire Roseboro to have enough room. sue t.

Jean Quilter

I was wondering the same thing about spirits. I would love to think that with so much history there would be a friendly spirit to keep an eye on things.


I am always amazed by your dedication to all things “heritage” from seeds to farms to store fronts! You are a branding inspiration. I love watching your show and miss “new” episodes. I keep thinking how awesome it would’ve been for DIY to showcase your Mercantile transform!

Katherine Topazio

So with all the history and jail remnants have their been any spirits that have made their presence or feelings known?

Vitta Fernandez

Absolutely wonderful! When you are finished it will be a showpiece, just like everything else that you do! Thank you so much for keeping us all up to date.

I know that you probably have the upstairs space figured out. Brent is so methodical…but do give my idea a thought. Remember I posted that the upstairs should be a local venue for artists. You can rent the space by the week/month, etc. and give artists in the area (of course, covering New Baltimore!) the chance to show off their wares. I’m not sure of the actual size of the space, but it seems that you should be able to accommodate quite a few every month. And, you can change it around. Not every artist is there all the time…this gives newcomers a chance to start somewhere. Maybe have artists there only once in three months, if you have many talented artisans/craftspeople wanting a spot. You can charge a flat fee or a certain percentage of sales. I would be more than glad to help with this. Just give it a thought. Thank you


Looks great already! Hoping to visit again this summer and see the new place!!!

Tammi Peck

When did you guys decide to move and start the remodeling? I thought your other place was cool.

Linda & Eloise

Love photo #24 – what a cute house! Can’t wait to see the store after the renovation is completed.


Think I am going to have to drive up for the festival. Hope to get a chance to meet you both.


Thanks for posting! This is so much better than when I peeked in the windows. Love that your mirroring the window arch in the hallway.

Marie Chilcote

At first I thought some really rude person was correcting you, but then I saw that you were correcting yourself. Good job…


I love where you’re going with your new project. Thanks for posting your progress. The old fire station looks just like the old station in Auburn, Calif. (Gold Rush country). Have you encountered any lingering spirits in the old building?