Spend a few minutes looking at one of Jessica Roux’s animal illustrations, and you’ll be as convinced as we are that she spent a past life living amongst them in the woods. Her work is both modern and timeless; magical and familiar. She can transform an ordinary forest into an enchanting grove filled with woodland creatures so charming, even Walt would be impressed.

Jessica is the illustrator for our book, Precious Little Snowflake. We wanted the book to be like our other artisan pieces—a modern heirloom. Her mix of delicate details, subdued colors, and whimsical subjects spoke to that. Jessica has also lent her talents to different elements of the 2018 Harvest Festival and designed parts of our holiday collection including this year’s advent calendar and one of our bounty boxes.

We chose Jessica’s work because of the enchantment and life she breathes into all her pieces. Her work is magic, just like the winter season.

by Josh and Brent

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Karen L McCarty

A true artist and illustrator!! Love art and have enjoyed seeing her abilities displayed at Harvest Fest and all of the holiday products.

Debra Gilley

Hi Guys! I met Jessica when she did the farm tour with her family. Her sweet gentle spirit comes across in person as well as in her art. Such lovely work!

Pamela McGee

Hi Josh and Brent now not only am I in love with your products But I am now so loving Jessica’s art work is so beautiful I can’t wait to order some products with her special touch added Also I am so excited about your children’s book I love you guys Thank you for all you do God Bless Sincerely Pamela McGee💝