Hi Neighbors! Last year we released the limited edition of Mr. Goat ornament through our collaboration with Bed, Bath and Beyond. We had 1,802 of Mr. Goat made and it quickly became a scavenger hunt to get your hands on him. This year, we had him in mind when we commissioned the same artist to create his partner: Mrs. Goat 2017 Collector’s Edition Christmas Ornament! Read on to find out a bit more about her.

  1. She gets together for afternoon tea with the Barnyard Royalty crew every Thursday.
  2. She loves NASCAR, but never goes in person because of the noise.
  3. She always orders her salad dressing “on the side.” “On the side” is a very big thing for her.
  4. Her favorite movie is “When Harry Met Sally”
  5. Her favorite drink is Beekman’s Hot Chocolate.
  6. She once scanned and printed a one dollar bill as a joke, and doesn’t realize she’s on the FBI watchlist.
  7. She is the master of accents amongst her friends.
  8. Her milkshake still brings all the boys to the yard.
  9. Abraham Lincoln’s sons kept two goats in the White House with them. She is a family descendant of Nanny and Nanko.
  10. She may or may not have had a hand in recruiting some of the goats at the Beekman Farm for their artisanal poop.


by Aray Till

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Tyna W

Far too cute. As a farmer’s daughter, I am in love with this one. I miss the Mr. Goat ornament last year. Are you bringing him back?


Please please please consider doing a different Mr. Goat ornament in 2018. For those who are late to the joy of the goat ornaments, it is sad to think that those who purchased her this year will not have the joy of a Mr. Goat hanging by Mrs. Goat on the tree. 🙁


How many years have there been goat ornaments? I have last year’s, but am wondering if I’m missing any others.

Jenny M.

Enjoyed watching you both on QVC the other day, and I hope you make many more TV appearances. Found your website today and placed an order. Please make a Christmas DVD, featuring yourselves and the farm, plus your products.