Mary's Snow Storm
Mary's Snow Storm

It is snowing, it is snowing, IT IS SNOWING!  There were very large flakes of snow falling to the ground all morning.  Now the snow is much smaller and sometimes it seems to be falling UP.  Mother said that was because the wind was swirling it around and around and up and down and sideways. I don’t think I can twirl that fast. I cannot see the barn from the window.  Farmer John was in the kitchen this morning and said he might tie a rope from the barn to the house so we are able to feed the chickens and not lose our way back. I was trying to see through the snow to the barn, so I looked very hard into the falling snow. It made me a little bit dizzy.  It felt like I was falling into a tunnel.

Father wishes to meet with some men tomorrow and he is hoping the snow stops before next morning.  If someone who lives before us on the road drives out in a light sleigh and breaks through the drifts, others along my road can travel next. Perhaps the wind will stop blowing so there won’t many new drifts. I am wearing three wool petticoats and my wool stockings and I am still a little cold.  Mother is looking for my wool shawl and my cap.  She said if my head was warm, the rest of me would be warm also.

Father told me that in the bigger towns, there are horse drawn snow rollers to compress the snow covering the roads.  It helps sleds travel quickly and keeps the road smoother. He said it is easier to haul heavy loads in sleds than in wagons. There are men called snow wardens who pack the snow on roads and fill in any melted or bare spots.  Even the decks of covered bridges.  Brent said in his town, the first thing that happens when it snows is that men come and scrape all the snow off the roads. Josh said that happens in his town also.  I don’t know how any sleighs could run.  I guess I will only go to visit them in the summer.

by Mary Beekman

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