Mary Beekman is a four-year-old ghost who resides in The Beekman Mansion, and considers Brent and Josh her “imaginary friends.” Follow Mary Beekman’s Diary each week to learn what it’s like to be a young child in early 19th century America

The wind was coming from the south today and the snow was beginning to melt and run off the roof and onto the eaves.  The water thrummed on the roof over the porch and Josh and Brent and I went to the attic to look down at the new little ponds forming below in the fields.  Josh told me he thinks spring is in the wind.  Brent rolled his eyes and said “Spring CANNOT be in the wind, it begins in the soil.”  I am not sure where it begins but I like the sound of the running, thrumming, drumming water.

Mother said I could go out of doors if I would be careful to step around the water and keep dry.  She handed me new mittens.  Sister had completed them yesterday.  There is a left hand mitten and a right hand mitten.  They fit my hands perfectly.  I know they will keep my hands warm.  I am going to try very hard to keep them dry too.  Josh and Brent whispered in my ear that they would help me to take care.  The wind seemed to make everything smell so very fresh and  new.  I spied a rabbit hopping near the barn.  I wonder if he had ventured out to smell a moment of spring also.

As I neared the corner of the barn, I saw that the water was coming off the corner of the roof in a very narrow, tight coil that seemed to twist in  the sun.  It sparkled.   I held my hands out to catch it and stoke the coil.  Before long, my mittens were growing very, very heavy and they smelled like……..wet sheep.  They were sopping wet and my fingers were growing colder and colder.  Brent saw me looking at my mittens and nudged Josh.  He said, “Oh, Mary, what have you done?”   Brent removed his scarf and Josh placed my wet mittens in the center. Brent rolled my mittens up in his scarf very tightly, round and around until most of the water was gone.  I shall place my mittens near the hearth.  I hope my hands will not be red or chapped in the morning; Mother would notice for certain……………………

by Mary Beekman

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susan tolbert

Hi Mary, With all of the excitement about Season 2 beginning on March 22 I bet Josh and Brent have kept you very busy. Brent is sure to be running around calling out things for poor Josh to do. Josh just wants to relax and tell you about how great his soup was. You know Mary living in NYC is very hard for someone who just wants to be at the Beekman. Maybe you can tell Brent to relax when Josh gets to the farm. Oh and ask Josh to bring you to Chicago when he comes and that way we could talk about some great childrens books. Talk soon. sue t.

teri tighe

My sweater from Ireland smells like wet sheep when it is wet, as well. It stinks but is so warm when it is dry.

Keep your hands dry, Mary and stay away from the water with your mittens.

sue t.

Dear Mary, As I walked through my house this morning I heard the wonderful sounds of water dripping from each of the beautiful ice sickles hanging over the eaves. As I listened closer I heard different sounds and rhythms. I put on my jacket, wool cap and mittens and went out to take pictures of the different shapes and lengths of the instruments hang there creating a new song. As I got closer the dripping began to hit my cap and yes I began to smell like the sheep that produced the wool for my handmade cap. When I came in I placed the cap on the radiator to dry. I know your Mother understands these things happen when one is exploring. Tell Josh to read The Mitten by Jan Brett you will love how one mitten keeps many animals warm. Talk soon. sue t.