Corn Husk Ball
Corn Husk Ball

Josh and Brent want to play outside today. I want to also. It finally stopped raining and the sun is coming out and is shinning through my bedroom window and stopping on the floor by my bed and making it warm. I don’t have my shoes on yet.  I am busy looking for my cloth ball that Mother made me. When I looked under my bed all I could find was a hair ribbon. It was blue.

I went down the stairs to the kitchen. I am very careful on my steps because they have a sharp turn and the steps are not too wide in that spot.  I don’t want my feet to get caught in the bottom of my dress. Besides I am carrying my shoes and stockings. Josh and Brent came down with me. They go quicker than I do. Everyone was very busy in the kitchen making jam and no one had seen my ball. It was very hot in the kitchen and I didn’t want to stay there. No one had time to help me look.  Mother said she hoped it had not been left outside because it had taken a lot of time to tear the strips of cloth and then wind them very tight into my ball.  When it is really tight, it rolls all the way down the center hall without stopping.

As soon as we got outside, Brent saw my ball under the bush and it was very wet and not too round anymore. I think Josh left it out there. I hope Father will help me make a corn husk ball today.  Here is how he does it:

Making a Corn Husk Ball

Soak some corn husks and string in water until they are soft.  It takes about one half hour. Tear the corn husks, the long way, into strips about the same size.  Wrap the husks around a piece of corn cob or horse chestnut or anything else that is almost round. Wrap each husk as tight as you can until the ball is the size you want.  Hold the ball together and wrap the wet string over the husks in all directions really tight.  Cut the string and tuck the end under a wrapped part of the string wound around.  Let the ball dry 1 day. When the strings dries it gets shorter and tighter and holds the rest of the ball together really good.

by Mary Beekman

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