Mary's Christmas Day
Mary's Christmas Day

It was such a happy day today.  I got to wear pretty clothes and we had lots of family around us. Mother had hard cider, and brandy and eggnog for the grownups.  I had apple cider.  The Christmas tree was so pretty last night when I went to bed. This morning it was filled with new things. Underneath there were gifts for everyone too.  The boys got new tops and I found a cup and ball hanging on the tree.  I received some books about good little girls and boys and one is about spelling and stories.  The boys got some books about games and science.  I am not sure what science is about but it had pictures of rocks and clouds and plants.  We all got mittens and Mother received some gloves.  She must have really needed them because she tried them on right away. She praised my tiny stitches on the pin cushion I made for her.

The best present of all is a wooden Noah’s Ark.  The roof comes off and there are lots of animals Two of each kind. I saw elephants and turtles and ducks and cows.  There were many more. Father said the story about Noah is in the Bible and we can read it later. It is all different colors.  Father said there is a rainbow in the story and I love rainbows. The women who help Mother in the kitchen were with us and received little packets of money, I think.  Everyone had something.

We had so many things to eat for dinner. First we had some onion soup. There was roast turkey with chestnut stuffing. And a roast beef.  I think we had mutton chops too. There was lima beans, I don’t really care for those, and some acorn squash that had been baked. We had spiced peaches and pickles that Mother had made in the summer. There was some spiced cranberries too. We had candied sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. I think there were more things but I can’t remember. There were lots of pies and cookies afterwards. Some cakes with fruit and some with icing were also served. I ate as much as I ever have and then I was very sleepy.  Josh and Brent went with me upstairs at bedtime. Downstairs I could hear laughing and singing. I told Brent and Josh “Merry Christmas” and then I think I went to sleep.

by Mary Beekman

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