Tangled webs
Tangled webs

Mary Beekman is a four-year-old ghost who resides in The Beekman Mansion, and considers Brent and Josh her “imaginary friends.” Follow Mary Beekman’s Diary each week to learn what it’s like to be a young child in early 19th century America.

There are times when Father brings home tape from his store.  But I think the tape I weave is stronger.  Mother said our supply of tape is growing smaller.  I am glad.  I will be able to use the box tape loom and practice my weaving  The bigger girls spend much more time at the larger loom.  I am not big enough yet to use that.  The loom Mother allows me to use is much smaller. She likes to have me be useful. That is a sign of good upbringing.

Josh and Brent come to be with me when I weave.  I like to weave tape but sometimes I get lonely. They are very interested in the paths the threads take to make different patterns.  Brent wants to play store and pretend to sell the items we make.  I only make tape.  Maybe someday when we are grown up we could have a real store.  I will have to learn to weave more than tape.   I could weave bed covers, or napkins. Perhaps I could weave some cloth for towels.

In our house, we use tape  for many reasons.  The narrow tape is used to hold together our clothing. The lacing of the tape makes it easier to adjust the fit.  My pockets hang from a tape around my waist. My aprons and petticoats are also fastened by tapes.  The wider tapes can be used as garters and suspenders. I like to sing while I am weaving tape.  I must learn a hymn about humility for Father.  Josh likes to sing very loudly.  Brent just pretends to sing.  He does not fool me.  I shall sing it for you:

My heart resolves, my tongue obeys,
And Angels shall rejoice,
To hear their Mighty Maker’s praise
Sound from a feeble voice.*

*Isaac Watts

by Mary Beekman

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