200 Years...and counting

When the wind blows from the right direction and the air is warm, we can smell the lilacs that are growing near by.
Their scent is soft and gentle just like the stories Grandmere tells me.  When she smelled the lilacs today, her eyes filled with water and she held me close. She is not very tall. Then she told me about Mother’s baby brother and his death.  She said he succumbed when the lilacs were in flower.  Grandmere says we must treasure each child because tomorrow is not promised.  I am not certain I understand.

Perhaps that is why Mother plants so many lilac bushes.  She said lilacs remember their scent and when old lilac wood is burned, it gives off the scent of lilacs.  If you find a lilac with five lobes instead of four, it is promised good luck.  I am good at finding four leaf clovers so I shall have to find a lilac with five lobes.  Thomas Jefferson had lilacs in his garden in 1767.  Father said that George Washington did also.  Father bought Mother some lilac bushes and Nell’s mother gave her a new shoot.

Lilacs can grow ten to fifteen tall. They would provide a good place to hide. Ours are not that big yet because our garden is not terribly old.  Lilacs may live past one hundred years.  I wonder if our lilacs will be here in 1904 growing in the same place?  Brent wants to live until he is past one hundred years!!  Josh and I are not certain he can.  Will there be a different little girl named “Mary” who will be hiding in these lilac bushes…………………now grown tall?

by Mary Beekman

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Phyllis from Chattan

We all love you, Mary! There will never be a time when you aren't. I could use a lilac spray in my living room right now, so I would feel like a hummingbird!!!