Essentials for eggnog
Essentials for eggnog

Father was telling me a story.  It is my favorite one.  I have heard it before but I always want to hear it again. He told me he was born on a ship coming to this country from Germany.  I wish I had been born on a ship instead of in a house.  I have never even been on a ship.  Then he usually talks about the Revolutionary War. I know that it happened before I was born.  I don’t really know what else it is about except it was about the beginning of our country and that father was a “boy soldier.” He likes to tell us all this story.  I ask Josh and Brent if they were boy soldiers, but they were not.

He said the Hessian troops set up a small tree during this war of Independence. And that George Washington, every Christmas, in secret, gave several hundred dollars to the poor. That was a good thing to do. We have been talking about Christmas because it is going to be arriving soon.  Father says that Christmas is now a National Holiday. He says that this is a new thing but that people have had parties on Christmas for many years. Especially with eggnog. I was too little last year to drink the eggnog. It doesn’t sound that good to me. I don’t want to drink eggs.

We will be seeing friends and family on Christmas. And we are going to have a small evergreen tree on a table. Some people have a tree for each member of the family but we are only going to put one in the parlour. It is an exciting time.

George Washington’s Eggnog:

1 Quart of Cream
1 Quart of Milk
1 Dozen Eggs
1 Pint of Brandy
1/2 Pint of Rye
1/4 Pint of Rum
1/4 Pint of Sherry

by Mary Beekman

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