Thanksgiving Fireplace
Thanksgiving Fireplace

I was dressed early today and had my breakfast. I had cold meat and bread.  Mother said today was going to be busy and I could skip lessons and come and help.  I was to be in the kitchen with everyone and do whatever I was asked to do.  But I also had to stay out of the way.  I hope I can do both.  Sometimes I forget to stay out of the way. It is not even really light outside yet.

Today all the baking is going to be done for Thanksgiving.  Mother was teaching one of the new girls who helps in the kitchen how to tell if the oven is hot enough.  I can’t reach it yet. Some women stick their arm right in the oven and if she could hold her arm there around three seconds, it was the proper temperature for baking bread.  But Mother said not to do that.  She tosses a small handful of flour into the oven.  If is turns a golden brown the oven is ready for baking bread.  If it burned and turned black, the oven was too hot and if it took a while to turn golden brown the temperature was too low and the bread would take longer to bake.

After the white breads were done baking, fruit breads are baked next. By this time the oven had cooled to a temperature for sugar breads and rolls.  Then the cookies or flat cakes are baked.  Then the oven is stacked with wood for the next day and the pies and the cakes can be baked and cooked slowly.  We are going to have roast, potatoes, bread, pie. And turkey too. The potatoes will be peeled and boiled and mashed with cream or butter. And the bread is not just loaves but each person will have their own roll.  I told Brent that usually pie is served with the rest of the meal but he told me it was for afterwards.  He called it dessert. Josh says he likes his pies plain but I like mine with whipt cream.

by Mary Beekman

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