Holiday nuts
Holiday nuts

When Father came home today, he called us all together.  He said he wanted to remind us what Thanksgiving was.  I still don’t know.  He told us that a long time ago it was not celebrated by everyone in this country at the same time.  Different parts of the country gave thanks on different days to God for his care and protection and for all we have to eat.

But President George Washington proclaimed a one time only day of Thanksgiving for Thursday, Nov. 26 in 1789.  People were to celebrate the new Constitution. Everyone in the country on the same day. It was again proclaimed in 1795.  Father remembers because that was the same year he was appointed First Judge of Schoharie County.

Some people, he said, celebrate Thanksgiving with prayer and fasting . They are quiet all day and think about serious things. Father said he wishes his household to have a more proper frame of mind and celebrate by being with family and friends. We will have all sorts of good things to eat. Before dinner we will sing a hymn and say a prayer for all we have and for absent friends.  Then after dinner we can crack nuts and sing and tell lots of stories.  I love stories.

Brent and Josh were playing with two little girls and a little boy all day. I played with them too. Brent and Josh said they like to watch T.V. after dinner on that day. I don’t know what T.V. is.  When they told me about it I laughed.  They are so strange sometimes.  “T.V.” – those are just letters and I know my letters now.

by Mary Beekman

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