Father said the days are getting cool enough to think about providing meat for the winter ahead. Mother is not fond of this time of year.  She says the thin, cold smell of metal lingers over the barn and yard for a long time.  I keep to the house and do my lessons.   Josh and Brent wanted to go out and they did. But they returned in a short while and were very quiet.   There is a man who comes to help with the butchering.  He is very skilled and exacting at his work.  In return for the work he does for Father, he is given meat for his family.

This is the time of year when he is the busiest…….just before Thanksgiving.  He goes to many farms.  Everyone is eager to get this task completed.  It is hard work to cut up a whole cow or pig.

Sausage making takes much of Mother’s time.  Candles are made of the tallow before the day light hours grow much shorter. I know that once the butchering is done, the holiday preparations will begin.  That is a happy and busy time of year.  Some of the meat is smoked in the smoke house and some is salted.  Father enjoys a fresh roast but it seems to be sausages he really prefers.  Mother’s recipe for sausage is excellent he tells everyone.  I believe she uses lots of sage and black pepper.  Father likes black pepper.

Salted meats are usually fried and fresh meats are roasted.  There are fresh fowls all year long and the bigger boys and the men bring home venison, rabbit, quail, partridge and pheasant.  It is good to be on a farm in the country and have so many provisions.  We know the talents of our neighbors and share.

Mother says my butter making hand is that of a grown woman.  I am proud.  My friend Nell can draw nature pictures so well that I think I can smell the scent of her
flower pictures………but I can make butter the best!

by Mary Beekman

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