Mary Beekman is a four-year-old ghost who resides in The Beekman Mansion, and considers Brent and Josh her “imaginary friends.” Follow Mary Beekman’s Diary each week to learn what it’s like to be a young child in early 19th century America.


It was cold in my bedroom when I woke up.  And it was still dark except for the fireplace.  I didn’t want to get up right away. I watched the shadows on the wall and ceiling.  I pretend they are animals or flowers. My head was wide awake but I knew the floor would be very cold to my feet and the pot under my bed would be cold when I lifted my shift up. My night cap had fallen off and I didn’t want to raise the covers to find it!!!  I heard the woman walking back and forward to add wood to the fireplaces in our bedrooms.  I wonder what time she gets up.

Breakfast and laughing with everyone made me warm.  The woman who helps mother at the hearth had red cheeks. She can always make the boys laugh and act silly.  I will work on my crocheting today and then my sewing stitches.  I am getting better at both and I am going to make Mother a pincushion for Christmas.  The sun is coming out.  Mother said if it warms up I can go sit near the kitchen door and blow bubbles.  There is plenty of soapy water because it is wash day. She said it was a watery sun but I could go out for a while.

Sometimes I use a piece of pie stem or straw.  I like to use a straw best because the piece of pipe stem tastes funny. It tastes like Father smells when he kisses me good night.  If I soak the straw a little at the end where I put the suds and split it into four a little ways up, the bubbles are bigger.  I like to blow a lot of bubbles when Josh and Brent are with me because they wave them all around my head.  I am surrounded by round rainbows.  It is like a fairy story that my Grand Mother tells me.  It is about a princess who lives and dances in rainbows.


by Mary Beekman

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Diane Tebbe

I just finished the book ‘The Bucohlic Plague’ and enjoyed it emencely. I love to laugh and it was clever and funny!

I did get a little ‘ticked off’ at Josh and the killing of the tiitkey. Sorry but that was the ultimate betrayal. When something looks up at you with trusting eyes, -go get a bologna sandwich!!! I’m just saying. I always tell my Brit friend who raises chickens, ‘Don’t name the chickens!’
Now, to something more serious. During your Evine anniversary show I ordered the soap and lotion caddy. I can’t twist the dispenser to unlock it!! Help! I know what you are thinking. ‘Hmmm…not the brightest bulb in the box.’ But, at least I have a certain wit and I’m cute (for a 63 year old broad) and I’ve made it this far in life without ‘can untwist lotion dispensers readily’ on my Resume’. Please give me a hint; I feel ‘carpal tunnel’ tearing its ugly head. Just kidding. Great products!!! If I could only get at ‘em!

Anne Shupe

I use many of your products and love the quality. I am a potter and the hand salve works wonders. My favorite soap fragrance is/was Heirloom Rose. Wonder if you will be making any in the near future? Hope the answer is yes. I have had so many compliments when using that fragrance.


Great to hear from you Mary. Hope all is well. My puppy loves to chase the bubbles that my nieces blow, but she hates the taste when she catches one. Hope to hear more from you.