Follow along to see what we do with our apple harvest at Beekman 1802…


by Dr. Brent

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Also, what are the differences in the types of cider? I dont mean to sound ignorant, but I guess when it comes to cider, I am!


Do you sell apple cider? I dont recall seeing it for sale on your site. 58 years old, and I have never tasted apple cider! Have wanted to try it, but was afraid to buy a big jug for fear I wouldnt like it. Lord knows I don’t like to waste money! It’s just me here now, so I wish I could find a very small bottle for sale. That way, if I don’t like it, I wouldn’t feel so bad about throwing out a small bottle. I love apples, apple pie, apple cake, apple strudel, apple cobbler, apple juice, you name it… maybe I’d like apple cider. Could someone please describe the taste to me?

Phil May

Hi Guys: I just finished THE BUCOLIC PLAGUE. Enjoyed it. My wife is starting it after hearing me laugh a lot while reading it. You ought to get some of the books by the late artist/writer Eric Sloane. Lots of tips on how folks lived in the 18th and 19th centuries. For instance he claims that if pomace is left to air for a time, the cider yield will be much greater. Pomace should start to turn brown before pressing. And Josh, I'm a retired former creative director (writer) from a large NY ad agency. Enjoyed your view of the ad business, although I was much earlier than your era. Same frustrations, however. Merry Christmas, Phil May


I enjoyed your video, and especially the music.

Will the Sharon Orchard press my apples for me? (from Schuyler Lake NY, not too far)

We have a bumper crop of apples this year, and still no cider press to do our own. It would be a shame to let them go to waste.

Patrick Littel

Loved the video, guys.

I grew up in central Massachusetts, where there were acres of orchards, and we would "pick" drops so my mother could make pies and we would drink cider until our stomachs hurt!

I used to teach American studies, and was amazed when I learned (years ago) that hard cider has been the choice of beverage for Americans for almost two centuries before it was replaced by beer.

I drink hard cider (commercial brands) and would love it if you would do a video on your hard cider process.

By the way, the music you choice for your videos is always terrific. Thanks again!

Marcia L Clarke

Ah, Yes, John Adams and his hard cider for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Happiest childhood memories of when Mom discovered Schutt's Apple Cider Mill in Webster, NY, especially when they started carrying Hutteman's glazed fried cakes (which they now make on site). Cider + fried cakes = Heaven for three little girls. We could easily polish off the whole dozen in one sitting. When we started going there 40 years (or so) ago, it was just a little road-side stand, and has transformed into a veritable mini-mall. Your video of the apple press brought back the awe I felt the first time I saw apples being processed into cider – loved the song too!

April bennett

Marcia. Please note. Schutts DOES NOT SELL HUTTEMANS FRIED CAKES! When they closed the Bakery the owner Fritz DID NOT SELL OR DISCLOSE the recipe. I am a very close family friend and know the exact reason they did not sell or give or share the recipie with anyone. Schutts are the closest available in webster, but sadly not Huttemans. I do miss those fried cakes like crazy.


What type of apple is that? Do you plan to market some of your seeds, (or seedlings), from your apple orchard?



I enjoyed your video. I press my own cider. I did 11 gallons of perry and 25 gallons of both sweet cider and hard cider. I'm aging my hard ciders now. Are you planing on releasing a hard cider for sale? If you do, I can't wait to try it. Cheers and be safe.


Great video..and very educational. Your area looks like a fun place to live, with lots of hard work!

steve gapes

Hi Guys

The video link on this page ( isn't coming up.

I make 200 litres of ACV yearly for my cattle. I have an organically certified farm in northern New South Wales, Australia. I used to breed angora goats and had an international mohair business but a dog attack in 2004 ended it all (photos of goats on the web site).

Oh, and Josh, just 1/2 way through IANM ('s how I found your web site) and just pissing myself laughing. Ah, memories….