The first time we drove through the Mohawk Valley, we got lost. We drove by an old barn on the side of the road with acres of furniture, statuary, and old machinery weathering in the surrounding pasture. Inside, the barn was filled to the rafters with things. We were mesmerized and spent three hours walking about before getting back into our car to complete the trip to New York City.

After we moved to the farm, we often wondered about this place. The country roads are so twisting and turning and often so desolate that unless you’ve paid attention you might never find your way back to the same spot. It took us three years of living on the farm full time before fate took us down this road again.

Kip and his wife Judith are the owners of Wood Bull Antiques. They were both former students of the Rhode Island School of Design and are probably the most creative people we’ve ever met.

When we built the dining room table for the farmhouse, we needed 14 chairs to place around it. Kip climbed up to the top of the barn, walked across the beams as sure-footed as if he were on the ground, and in a matter of minutes sat 18 chairs on the ground for us to look it.

Those mismatched green chairs still play host to everyone who sits down to dinner with us at the farm (and you can even see them in some of the photos in this book), and you can find some of Kip’s best vintage pieces in our own Mercantile in Sharon Springs.

Kip knows he’s invited to our table at any time, but he also knows that we’d be just as happy sitting down at one of his.

by Aray Till

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Judy Waddell

My daughters and I visited here last April. Wonderful place, a person can spend hours.

Hope Rushworth

Would love to visit Kip and Judith at their antique shop. Can you provide the address as many of the items I viewed of past treasures would be perfect in my home. Thank you for your article and the photographs. It must be wonderful to be surrounded by such artisans and wonderful neighbors as creativity and thoughtfulness keeps one vibrant, healthy and young!

Liz L Richmondville NY

On Route 28,8 miles south of Cooperstown. A gigantic 4 story barn overflowing with wonderful things! Many Rooms staged with primitively to elegant settings(kitchen scenes I consider the most interesting), on 3 acres with paths to meander along.
Open seasonally 607-286-9021

Linda Rice

What a wonderful place! Y’all are really doing some amazing things with your neighbors! This sounds like a great community to live in! And work in! As I am nearing my 72nd birthday (27 January) my birthday wish is to come for a visit and meet your wonderful neighbors. I am so proud of y’all! As I have gotten to know y’all over the years, I appreciate you and your family of artisans more and more! Stay safe, stay warm, and stay yourselves! Peace and love to you both, Linda

Dora MacBeth

Wonderful little shops like you have posted are often found by mistake——thanks for the pictures and great stories-they truly fill the heart and soul.

Patricia Ray

How Awesome to know that days gone by can still be a part of our everyday lives…such a warm feeling to know there are folks that make it possible to incorporate pieces of history in our somewhat sophisticated lifestyle. Your artisans are Amazing!