Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.

We bought the Beekman Farm in 2007 thinking it was going to be a weekend getaway from our lives in the city. At the time, and with our youthful idealism, we thought the future looked bright. We cashed in everything we had ever saved and took out a million-dollar mortgage. (A million-dollar mortgage!)

One weekend we arrived at the farm to find a hand-written note in our mailbox.

“My name is John Hall. I grew up in the area on a dairy farm, and I now have a herd of 80 goats. I am losing the place where I am farming. Could I please bring my goats to your property to graze? Otherwise I will have to sell them.”

A hand-written letter by a man down on his luck turned out to be our own salvation.

We both lost our jobs in the recession of 2008 and came very close to losing the farm, but we had our community and we had our bootstraps and that’s the way Beekman 1802 started.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you goats, you make anything you can with the milk. After nearly 10 years, Farmer John still lives on the property with us, now with 147 goats in the herd. The products inspired by the farm can be found around the world.

One neighbor helps another . . . and so on and so on and so on.


by Aray Till

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Denise B Williams

Hey John!
I have been calling on Bruce Roberts at A-1 Termite and Pest Control for many years.
He informed me that he was working with your marketing firm.
Bruce said he would be sending you my contact information.
Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help!
Look forward working with you in the future.
Thanks! Happy Friday!
Denise Williams

Karri Korsmo

This is by far the best hand lotion I have ever used on my working hands!!! I am just shocked that my hands are soft with one use!! In the winter I always have dry, cracked and they hurt! I have bought so many lotions and not cheap stuff either but nothing has worked as of now! Wowza! I saw this product on HSN and took a chance glad I did! Now I am giving this product as a gift to another horsey friend love love ❤️ This lotion and soap too!!!

Virginia Salvino

Dear Farmer John,

If I knew nothing more about you other than you loved your animals so much, and are so compassionate about them, that would be enough for me. It is easy to see they love you as well. We had goats only 4 or 5, but treated them like the royalty they were! We had a goat named Dolly. She was so sweet and loving, and would follow us everywhere. Toward the end, her front knees gave out and she was no longer able to walk, Vet said there was nothing he could do to help her. I walked down to her covered shelter at the barn several times a day to sit and talk with her, love on her, and made certain she had food an water within her reach. When we realized she was suffering, we had no choice other than do the humane thing. My tears rolled down my face for weeks and weeks. Still do from time to time. Thank you for sharing your girls with us. They couldn’t be in a better place, or anyone who loved them more! God bless you and the girls.

Michelle Williams

Farmer John- I can’t tell your story touches my heart. I read Josh’s book many years ago, and your story never fails to bring me to tears. The humility it took to write that note in hopes of saving your goats just resonates with me. I believe good things come to those willing to ask for help when needed. I wish and send many blessings for you. Thank you for your contribution.

Patricia Ray

Sometimes it is difficult to understand when difficulties knock on our door, but it is so satisfying to know that God has a plan that is so much beyond our expectations!


God Bless you – I love this story! It touches a spot in my heart, that only confirms there is more good than evil in the world. Thank you for sharing.

Sandy Kowal

Dear Farmer John

What a spirit you have. It is so wonderful to see you smile….no wonder your goats will follow you anywhere! Sometimes we have difficulties in life but it is so important to review our gratitde list. You took a chance on two neighbors and their kindness and support was evident. Of course they too saw your true intent to care for your herd and your altruism shone through. You now have the best neighbors in the world and they have your support and tremendous work ethic. Neighbors turned into family and how wonderful to have “a seat at the table” with the two greatest men known. Spirit and heart is so important in today’s world and we must always be grateful for the bounty of blessings we share and know that we only want to help and support those less fortunate than ourselves. Farmer John. Brent and Josh …have a beautiful and blessed holiday season and a very Merry Christmas. I wish you all the blessings possible and my greetings to the entire Beekman Team , the town of Sharon Springs and of course all those precious goats!

linda daniels

I never get tired of hearing the beekman story, it
brought me to tears, as I am an animal lover,
I enjoy watching the baby goats on evine, especially the
one getting his horns and headbutting the host!! MERRY

Rosalie Pugliese

A wonderful heartfelt story. I believe because you helped a neighbor in need, you have been blessed.

Beth Robinson

Sometimes the best family is the one you choose yourself. And obviously you three chose each other. It’s a beautiful story of good hearts that needed each other. Blessings to the farm family and may the season’s love and light cover and keep you all.

Gerry Resciniti

I love to read these stories about the farm. It endears Beekman 1802 to me more than you already are! Thanks for all the great products.

Mary Jane

Farmer John there is a special place for you because you love animals. To Josh and Brent god bless you for giving a stranger a chance.
God gave us animals for a reason. God gave us good people for a reason. I’m glad you have found success and continue caring.

Anna Balin

Wow, what a great story. I grew- up having goats and they are wonderful, loving and intelligent creatures.
So glad things turned out well for all of you at Beekman. Wishing everyone, the happiest of holidays!

Jennifer Nolan

I really wish you 2 and Farmer John would have a show on TV again. I think everybody would love to see you back on TV full-time on a TV show not just selling your products

Barbara Wilpon

Hi Farmer John,

I must tell you that the strength it took to write that letter and give it to Josh and Brent must have come from the deepest part of your soul. I’m sorry you experienced that difficult time and the awful thought of selling or giving away your adorable goats, well I can’t imagine it.

However, if that hadn’t happened, would all of us out here be enjoying the products that are produced and keeping up on what’s going on at the farm with all of you? I think not.

The size of your heart, and of course Brent and Josh, warms my own heart. I’m glad your life took that turn around; I love watching the goats follow you around.

Thank you,