Now that our Mortgage Lifter sauce is hitting store shelves, we wanted to give you something do with all of those empty Mason jars you’ll be accumulating (yes, we bottle our sauces in authentic Mason jars!)

We combed our Pinterest account for some of the most creative DIY Mason jar projects.




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by Josh and Brent

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Robbi Gluck

I placed my first order and did not get the 15.’/, off. Can you correct my order?

Beekman 1802 Customer Service

Hi Robbi! Call us here at Neighbor Services! We will make sure this gets corrected! 888.801.1802 x1

Lill Laux

Great ideas! Will be trying these. Great protects to do with the little ones. Again thank you.🤔


I love these ideas. Right now I’m using my empty Beekman jars to store fresh juices. Can’t wait to use them for something more exciting next!

Princess Penelope Poopalatte

Thanks for sharing these ideas; there are some really good ones, too. Reusing those jars is even more important to me, now that I’ve learned that all the glass we put in our blue box (for municipal recycle collection) has NOT been going to a recycler but to the dump.

Ursula Anderson

I love all of the ideas but my absolute favorite is the glow stick and diamond glitter. There really is not enough glitter going around; everyone would be happier if there were more sparkly shiny things.

Beverly Nan Murphy

Don’t you just love them!?!?! So many wonderful ideas, thanks for sharing. Home to lightening bugs for a few minutes but this is less wear and tear on nature.