Sometimes as we get into the grind of late Spring and Summer gardening chores, we become focused on the work and not the beauty just within our grasp.

Whenever I get angry at the weeds and their incredible ability to fling their seeds far and wide, I look at these photos from the World’s Fair held in Shanghai, China, last year.  (take a look at the weeds of Beekman here)

These shards–like shooting stars bringing some mysterious organism from a galaxy far, far away.

Standing amidst this glowing universe, I imagined this to be the view that worms have for that split second during planting season before the seeds are once again covered by the earth.

For them, it must be a mind-blowing moment of sheer ecstasy.

The design firm said, “After the Expo, just as dandelion seeds are blown away and dispersed on the breeze, the Seed Cathedral’s 60,000 optic hairs, each one containing the huge potential of life, were distributed across China and the UK to hundreds of schools as a special legacy of the UK Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.”

by Dr. Brent

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To some individuals weeds can be weeds, but to others weeds can be medicinal plants.

Linda Schoener

Who decides if a weed is a weed or a flower???? Some weeds are so pretty when they bloom that I leave them in the flower garden to bloom….I was asked once by a friend, "What a beautiful flower that is, what is it's name"…I just said "weed"…Appreciate all of nature not just the flowers!

Nicole F.

That is absolutely gorgeous. How awesome you got to go to the World's Fair. Must have been an incredible experience.

Linda Schnell-Leonar

I see weeds as those long lost cousins that happened to stop by for a spell.

What are beautiful wildflowers to some, are just weeds to many.

And, " You went to the World’s Fair held in Shanghai, China"???? Lucky fellow.