From artist Jesse Freidin

“Last Winter I was invited by Josh and Brent to photograph the incredible craftspeople of their B. 1802 Aritst Collective. After having spent many Summer hours on the Beekman farm photographing Farmer John, his goats and Polka Spot, I was excited to turn my lens on the people of Sharon Springs keeping the heritage of American folk art alive.

Stepping into each of these artists’ studios was like taking a step back in time. The quick, snowy walk between my car and the front door of the Adelphi Paper Hangings shop must have brought me back hundreds of years- I suddenly was surrounded by curled wood shavings and paint spills created by human hands, antique machines powered by enormous foot pedals and rope, and a level of incredible quality and detail long-forgotten by modern technology.

These artists carried a pride in their tradition, sewing bits of history and craftsmanship into each singular piece produced. Every page of John Townsend’s handmade books were folded and trimmed by hand, every wool rug made in Sharon Kruppenbacher’s old farmhouse studio was woven on looms from the turn of the century, Michael McCarthy’s blacksmith shop used spoon molds from the 1800s. As a contemporary artist also dedicated to producing all of my photographic work completely by hand, I felt a magical connection with each of the Beekman 1802 Artisans and was honored to tell their story.



To see more of the work of photographer Jesse Freidin, please click here

To see some of the items created by the B. 1802 Rural Artist Collective, click here

by Josh and Brent

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Just another reason why I Love the Beekman’s Josh and Brent….I love both these guys and what they’re doing, and they always bring both a smile and a chuckle into my life. I love how they incorporate local craftspeople into their Beekman1802 product line. Some may feel the products may be a little pricey but it’s quality products, which means they may cost a bit more but you know they will also last and become an Heirlom….Their hearts are in the right place and it shows by wanting to only produce items using locally procured talents or products. If you ask me, we don’t get enough of that any longer in this country. It seems everything we consume is either produced or comes from other shores and it’s time we change that. That’s what the Beekman Boys are doing and all about. God Bless them!

Vitta Fernandez

Absolutely wonderful….So much talent in Sharon Springs. Every day the Beekman Boys inspire me to keep on going. To never give up. To keep on trying. One day soon I will be able to walk through this lovely town and see for myself all that I have been seeing through the eyes of the camera.


My obsession with Adelphi Wallpaper borders on unhealthy!
Some day i WILL have it in my bedroom…..


I am a big fan of the Beekman products, and love that you share many of the artists with us (both in these beautiful photos and also in several videos). Makes my treasures even more special!