This weekend, while cleaning up the Mercantile after the 2013 Victorian Holiday Celebration, we stumbled across these historic photos behind a shelf. They appear to be photos from an early Winter Festival in Sharon Springs. Please do let us know if you can identify anyone. 😉




by Josh and Brent

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Vickie Hunt

The two little boys and girl in the first photo are my Grands….we had so much fun…Thank you for the photo’s

Centralia Heart

I swear I see Brent in one photo and farmer John in another. It looks awfully like the store the way it is now. Nice try guys!


What fun! Hey isn’t that Maude Firckert in one of those pictures!! Thanks for the smiles!

Susan Warner

Beautiful and so to the date frame. You really should start a business up taking pictures of this era for different people for Christmas cards. I’m sure you would get alot of business out of it for they are really a piece of lost art.


At first I was so excited as I am a ” Beekman” and thought I could be learning or seeing some distant family but then I recognized you! Oh well. It was excited for a moment. 🙂

Sherry Loncar

It is amazing how your ancestors look so much like you! I didn’t even know that you hailed from those parts. LOL Happy Holidays!

Bill Schaefer

Yea I know a lot of them people. But I cannot ID them because they told the spouses they were going to Cobleskill..


As I started to read about this post, I thought, “huh? they just built the mercantile, how could they possibly have missed these old photos?” But then I got it. Great pictures – love the effect. I think my favorite is number 9 – someone found something good on that shelf and everyone wants to see.