When we create new designs for the Heirloom Linen Collection, we always start with a little research. Each design is always named after a historic manufacturing town in New York State as a reminder that there was a time (not too long ago), when America produced the finest, most beautiful things in the world.

The history of papermaking in America had its beginnings in the late 18th century, at a time when linen and cotton rags were the primary source of fibers in the manufacturing process. By 1850 there were more than 106 paper mills in New York, more than in any other state.

One of those mill towns was Minneto, NY, along the Oswego River.

Without fine paper, love letters could not exist and neither would our romantic Minetto collection.

We took charcoal rubbings of 18th century paper printing blocks from Adelphi Paper and used them as the inspiration for this beautiful printed pattern.


Adelphi is our Lost Arts artisan this year. Learn more about their craft by clicking here





Heirloom-quality linens to foster true love across the centuries.


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by Josh and Brent

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