It’s no secret that we loves cookies, I mean, who doesn’t? It’s only right that we now have 3 amazing cookie jar to keep all those delicious sweet bites in. We can’t guarantee how long they’ll stay in there.

Meet the Beekman 1802 Limited Edition Hand Painted Cookie Jars.


Beekman 1802 Farm sits in the picturesque village of Sharon Springs, NY.  Almost every Christmas the 60 acre farm and the farmhouse is blanketed in fluffy white snow. This special jar depicts the farm in all of its holiday glory and is limited to a firing of only 1,802 pieces.


According to the Brothers Grimm in the folk story “The Town Musicians of Bremen,” a donkey, dog, cat and rooster leave their masters (as they are past their prime, working years in life) and head to the town of Bremen to become musicians. On the way there, they come across a cottage where robbers are hiding out, enjoying their plunders. The animals decide to work together as good Neighbors and stand on each other to appear bigger and more imposing. The robbers run out of the house and the animals live there happily ever after. It was this story written in the early 1800s that inspired the enduring image of animals of all types standing together to accomplish an important goal. We’ve turned it into this charming limited edition cookie jar with a Limited Edition firing of 1,802 pieces (of course, being Beekman 1802, we had to include a goat)

Farm Truck

At Beekman 1802 we raise and grow almost all the food we consume, and among our best crop each year are the delicious cookies Beekman 1802.  Let our farm truck cookie jar deliver them directly to your kitchen counter. As with the other two cookie jars, this is a limited edition production of 1,802 pieces. Note the Hi, Neighbor bumper sticker on the truck. We’ll include a bumper sticker for you to use on your own car as well.

Make sure to share with us your family cookie recipes that you will be baking to fill the latest addition to the family.

by Aray Till

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Becky Mattingly

Hi Brett and Josh, I love all your products and have shared them with many neighbors. I fell in love with the cookie jar at Christmas and I purchased the goat however I did not receive the certificate of authenticity mine is number 200. I contacted evine and have just now gotten their reply which they stated they were unable to supply the certificate and credited my account $10. I’m very disappointed and not receiving my certificate and I’m reaching out to you directly. I am sure this is an oversight somehow and look forward to receiving my certificate. Please reply as I look forward to this being passed down through my family and future generations .

Debbie Soulis

I would love to have one of the truck cookie jars! I grew up on a farm in north Georgia and my mother & father sold produce at a local farmers market. My father’s trucks were red, and the last one was blue. I would love to come visit your farm, love your goat milk products! Keep up the good work!

Martha J. Donohoe

How big/small is this cookie jar? I really like them but I’m wondering about functionality. Really, like that matters. They are adorable.