Josh and I were recently asked to ride in a town holiday parade.  This did not surprise us.  Having grown up in small towns, both of us are well aware of the wonderful randomness of these parades (a mix of school bands, veterans, fire engines, dance troops and classic cars).  We were, however, surprised (and a bit embarrassed) when the parade’s organizer asked if we would stick around afterwards to sign autographs.

Even though lots of people follow us on this website and get a glimpse of our lives on The Fabulous Beekman Boys, we don’t really consider our signature to be worth anything unless it happens to be on the bottom of a check.

But apparently it does.

By the time we arrived at the local fairgrounds (home of the Sunshine Fair and the Maple Queen), a line had started to form around the small folding table that had been set up for the purpose of the “meet and greet”.

Of all the engaging people we met that day, the one that stuck with us the most was a young boy who shyly approached with a folded piece of paper in his hand.

“Go ahead”, his mother encouraged.

Still hesitating, his mom gently took the paper from his hands and gave it to us.  It unfolded to reveal a poster on which was written in simple print

Brent and Josh make farming fabulous.

Cut-out photos of pigs, goats and llamas framed the message.

“He had to write it 4 times,” his mom said.  “He kept writing too big.”

It was true.  On the back of the poster was evidence of his earlier attempts (a closet perfectionist!)

He smiled for a photo, but otherwise could not muster a word.   And then left his place in line as the next person stepped forward.

In this day and age where virtually anyone can be a “celebrity”, what role does celebrity actually play?

Sometimes role models, sometimes cautionary tales, and sometimes, in the best of circumstances, the affirmation that life is full of possibility, and realized dreams, and even in small town America (especially so!), there are opportunities to come across something…fabulous.

If this is the value of a signature, then we will sign our lives away.

by Dr. Brent

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Kristine, Dallas

I am tearing up reading this..we often take the word of our own worst critic, the inner voice, when instead we should take the word of others that we are in fact fabulous! Thank you Brent and Josh for always making me think, yall are great neighbors!! XO!

Edward Ewing

Hi Dr. Brent,

I think one of the best things to come from your show, is how people get to see a same sex couple sharing a life together. I spent a big part of my life hiding. I would also hide people I was dating, or in a relationship with. I don't anymore. It's so nice to read comments from mom's and dad's who want their children to watch your show. You and Josh are doing so much to help people accept and understand that gay people can have real loving relationships. Thank you for that. Best of Luck, Eddie from Michigan.

Catherine S. Pond

PS And we so enjoy your humor, too. [When you were having a "spat" or two, our boys even said, "Mama, they sound like you and Dad!"] We also all want a llama "Polka Spot" (but they would have to compete with the diva deer and chickens already on our farm).

Catherine S. Pond

Just wanted to say that we, as a family, just watched your entire first season over the last few days of Thanksgiving (and we upgraded on cable just so we could get Planet Green). Our boys, 10 and 13, are cattle farming with their dad on our Kentucky ridge farm (where we moved from our picture-perfect small town New England). As you can well imagine, life is less tolerant in our new culture at times. We are grateful that you portray an honest life of hard work, many ventures, and a loving relationship. You are exemplars to everyone! Thank you for this window on your world.


Love the soap guys! I just got my order a few days ago and the goat milk soap is very soothing to the skin. I think this will make a great Christmas gift too for others so I will be ordering again:-))


Robyn M.

Thank you sincerely for making farming fabulous again. I know that TV makes things "sparkle" (I love that word!) in ways that reality doesn't always support, but we've degraded the profession so far in the past 50 years. I work at a not-for-profit farm-ministry in rural Indiana, and we are constantly trying to entice the next generation into what should be the most noble profession. For god's sake, it's growing FOOD–of course it's fabulous! But you and Josh make it so much easier for us. So thank you again.

Judy Phurrough

Counting down the weeks until the new season starts! Please help me win a bet..I say the dragonfly suncatchers we sent you, Josh, and John arrived intact. My hubby says at least one was broken. A nice dinner out is riding on I cooking or making reservations? BTW, my brother in law loved the goat cheese we gave him for a birthday present.

Dr. Brent

Hi, Judy

They arrived and we all loved them (especially Farmer John). All were intact, so choose a great restaurant. So glad that you BIL liked the cheese!


Thanks guys! I loved reading how you two took the time to not just meet the young boy, but to see how much this meant to him.

You made that little boy's day and his mom's day, and that is taking responsibility for being celebrities.

Oh, love the t-shirt logos. Do you sell them at Beekman 1802? If so, I would love one!!

Have a great day:-))

Lois Mapes

Loved the story. I was also impressed with the funny logo on your shirts. Who thought of that?

Love you both and Jackie,


Janice Mahon

Was this parade in Sharon Springs?

The small town community is what makes this country so great and worthwhile. My mother came from a small town, Hooversville, PA, established before the Civil War. Every year they have a parade on Memorial Day, even tho the town's population is around 300 people. Every year they commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives, from the Civil War, World Wars 1 and 2.

This is a great country.


Josh & Dr Brent!

What a touching encounter (there were tears in my eyes).

So I just happened across your show today(and of course it was the pig slaughtering show and yes I cried…the second show was the Martha black tie event) and I was instantly drawn to you guys. I'm a city girl but I find small town life quite interesting…there's a certain beauty in simplicity. I'm originally from Brooklyn,NY and I live in Washington, DC. I'm a designer and I'm always looking for cool great furniture, accessories, fabrications. There was mention of some great local artisans…care to share? I have a project that I'm starting in Jersey City, NJ and I love options.

Continued success Beekman Boys! You have a new fan! I'm anxious to try the cheese and soap-placing my order tonight!



Hello Dr. Brent!

My husband and I have been tuning into your show after reading Josh's book. You both are such an inspiration for us! We would love to have the guts to do what y'all did and do it with as much panache! I'm glad you are becoming "celebrities", we need more fantastic, creative, and truly hard working celebrities out there for gays and kids to look up to. Kudos!


I can't tell you how much I love your show. I'm from Middleburgh but currently live in Wyoming and watching your show lets me visit home every week. Nothing beats Schoharie County! My family has been farming there for over 150 years and I miss their vegetables so much. Good luck with the Harvest festival and keep an eye out for Hooper Garlic.


Hi guys,

I saw a write-up in the local paper just before the 4th saying they had invited you to be the guests of honor. I said "who the heck are those guys?" (Sorry I don't get Planet Green on my basic satallite TV). After the holiday, now that's all I hear everyone talk about is those Beekman Boys. Since then I have read Josh's book and loved reading about people and places I know. I feel like I should invite you both over to compare war stories of living in a big, old farmhouse and freezing all winter and dealing with the dreaded flies(we live a few miles down the road). I hope everything continues to go well for both of you. I'll stop in the mercantile one of these days.

Rae Tink

Hey Dr Brent!

Did you ever kind out where to get those t-shirts from? P.S. Half way through the book and I can't put it down! It is so much fun! Looking forward to season 2!



My partner and I love the show. You are both an inspiration. I hope the show is a continued success. We ordered your soap and love it . I grew up on a farm in middle Tennessee and this brings back so many memories. I would love to visit your town some day. How do we make those connections? I would also like to purchase Josh's book. What is the title of the book? . We now live in Greensboro , NC. Where in North Carolina did you grow up ?


Hi Dr. Bent and Josh

Just watched your final episode of the season. What a wonderful show! I was so glad to hear that you will be back for another season. You and Josh are living the dream that many of us have of owning and working a farm. Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us. I know that I am sure learning a lot about farming and about supporting our local farmers. Please let Farmer John know that his goats are wonderful! I am a quilter and would love to learn about quilters in your area.


Having grown up in the area when Sharon Springs was vibrant & full of interest & intrigue for a flaboyant 10 year old; when the Cobleskill Sunshine fair was 2nd only to the Great NYS fair,I salute Josh; Brent; Farmer John & their supporters for caring so greatly in helping to restore vitality to an endearing part of upstate NY. This region has always been bountiful & rewarding in many simple ways.I'm so pleased it's being thoughtfuly brought back into the public's awarenes.

I look forward to reading the book my sister just gave me after recently visiting the mercantile. So jealous she made it there FIRST!

I wait, "impatiently" to attend this years Harvest Festival; rekindle my love of the region & meet two champions of vision & commitment. Cheers! PS, The soap is a spa quality! I'm hooked!


marsha taylor

oh wow what a great story, see i told you two that you are so uplifting just be you




You are so funny with your quirky little ways….I will admit the idea at first seemed so odd…but what a charming show and fun adventure….love it!! Be good to Josh….he adores [email protected]

Jane Smith

I fell in love tonight–with Josh and Brent. I just watched a marathan of their shows and I want to be their charwoman or whatever they need at Beekman Farm. I take issue with Josh getting all of the charming comments however. Of course, he is charming, intelligent, and witty. People do not take into account that Brent is a doctor who has studied over 12 years and then practiced medicine knowing he can never, never make a mistake. If he seems detailed or overconerned, that is his training coming through. I just thought people and even Josh sometimes were forgetting that. All the same, they seem devoted to each other and are a delight to watch. I love love love the website. I’ll be watching you. Jane


hi brent,

what is the beautiful crystal piece in front of the window by your favorite chair? i drool every time i see it.

ellen in nc


Josh & Brent,

I rarely have time to watch your show live, so I make sure I DVR it. After watching it at 1:00 this morning, I left the episode on the machine instead of deleting it in hopes that my partner would watch it and eventually start to like it…despite his insistance that he's yet to do so. (Don't take it personally; he also doesn't like chocolate. We all have to have our flaws.) Side note: Admittedly, Brent, I wasn't so happy with you for skipping Josh's book reading & it took a few episodes before I'd forgiven you for that. 😉

As I was driving to the office this morning, my partner called and this is how our convo went (with me hesitant to answer, fearing something was wrong)– Me: "Hello, hon?" Him: "GUESS WHAT?!" M: "I don't dare." H: "I now love 'The Beekman Boys'! Despite Brent sometimes being an ass (sorry, Brent…I'm quoting), he & Josh are so cute together. Plus, Farmer John's so sweet. And did you know goats could be so cute? They remind me of Tobi (our youngest dog). Can we get a goat?"

After explaining to him that either the HOA or the City of Raleigh probably would take issue with it, and reminded him that we live where we do so that he's closer to his practice & moving to the country would defeat that, I think I talked him out of the goat idea. However, I don't have the heart to tell him that next week is the season finale. Please make it easier on me by committing to a second season…


Gents, my gal got her delivery of your wonderful goat soap on Saturday, and she is THRILLED! Great show, great product, great entertainment. Thanks guys!

PS – don't forget, you can never go wrong by featuring MORE GOATS on your show!


I just fell in love with Josh and Brent about to days ago and I am head over heels, let me tell you.

This blog is adorable, by the way. What an cute picture.

I will be spending the rest of my night/ days reading these blogs. LOVE IT. Thanks Brent and Josh. You are both an inspiration 😀

Lisa Rubin

Hi Josh and Brent, I want to thank you for a lovely program for all of us to watch. My husband and I are becoming fans.It is refreshing to turn to a show that highlights hardworking, intelligent people taking the time and energy to make something work.Some inspiration, more perspiration.

Good job, Dr. Brent, in rehabilitating Farmer John right after the hip replacement…up and out of bed soon after the surgery. No doubt that is why Farmer John did so well.


Received your cheese and soap. I love the cheese, my partner loves the soap……although we do share the goodies with each other that came in the mail. We so look forward to the program evey week and I look forward to a martini in the evening and a cut of the Blaak Cheese, it's the best.



I hope you put that little boy's poster in a place of honor – like the fridge!!LOL It's a keeper. Love the shirts, and guess I am now a Beek Geek too!!!

[email protected]

That is a really sweet story! I stumbled upon your show in June. I absolutely LOVE it! I look forward to it every Wednesday. I am completely in love with goats now, and Polka Spot is the best. She seems very determined to keep coat dirty! I love it!

Connie Wedding

It's always the gifts from the heart that mean the most, like what that little boy made for you. I understand why he was speechless, standing there in awe of 2 celebrities that he admires. If it were me standing there in front of you, even if I thought of something to say, I don't think I'd be able to spit it out! LOL! I am so glad he got to meet you two, and I know he will cherish that memory for the rest of his life! BTW, Brent, when I heard you say that you don't remember hearing your mom say she loved you until you were in high school, I sat there and cried, and I have not been able to get that off my mind. It sounded like MY life, except I am 55 and had only heard it a few times from her in my whole life. My father abandoned us when I was 2, so my mom divorced him and he never had contact with me or my sister except for one time, never called, never wrote, never paid a dime of child support, yet lived in the same town the whole time! What I needed to hear from 2 parents, I didn't hear from EITHER. She died in 2002, and I know she loved me, and I hope you know, too, that YOUR mom loved you and always will. Everyone reading this, please make sure you tell your kids OFTEN how much they mean to you, and tell them you love them every day. That is SO important when you are growing up. My sister became like my mom and never was very affectionate to her daughter, who was killed in an accident at age 21, and it haunts her to this day that she did not say all the things she should have said to her. Some people are just not raised to be very demonstrative, and have trouble saying "I love you." I can see why you became a perfectionist, always feeling you had to be perfect because maybe you were not good enough to be loved by your own mother. I used to be that way, but have managed to mellow a lot over the years, as I have become less physically able to do everything just the way I would like it. I guess when you CAN'T do it all, you adjust. Anyway…..didn't mean to ramble or bring anybody down, just wanted to say that really touched me, and that you are an awesome person, and you could not POSSIBLY be "a disappointment" to her, because you are warm, very intelligent, charming, successful, ambitious, good-looking, lovable, witty, funny, caring, hard-working, sweet, and FABULOUS! What more could a mom want in a son??? You can look yourself in the mirror every day and be proud of the caliber of person that you are, and what you have accomplished, and how much you mean to people, especially Josh, and if that is not good enough for certain people, then it is because of THEIR OWN short-comings, not yours. Love you guys. God bless you both.


Martha never had her neighbors supporting her as you 2 have… bringing so much business to Sharon Springs, and a renewed life to gardening and farming. Plus the awareness of sustainability, bless you. Martha may be able to lead folks to the water, but you two can make us drink.



Hello Dr. Brent and Josh,

I fell upon your show the other night, hoping for something interesting to watch, and I'm so happy I found you guys. I hope I'm not too much of a latecomer.

I DVR'd all of the episodes, and just finished the latest. You're all such a joy to watch…a hoot to, I'd say.

It's a great show, and I love all of the characters. Farmer John is a sensitive soul. I winced thinking about the turkey beheading (not even sure that part aired), so I fast-forwarded, but I know it's all part of life on the farm.

Good luck to you both, and thank you for sharing your lives with us. It's something I genuinely look forward to.


Brent, First time on the website and love it. My daughter and I just bought a bar of your soap this past week-end in Chicago and love it,also. I then bought Josh's book (last one on the shelf at Barnes & Noble) and truly enjoying it. Your show is amazing as are the two of you. I guess we are becoming Beek Geeks!!! Thank you for sharing your lives with us in such a positive way!! You are both truly special.


HI guys! Saw you at the parade, one of our best I have to say, and you were a part of that! Hope you come back to the fairgrounds this week…lots of fun to be had at the Sunshine Fair! Curious what you think of the demolition derby…took a Danish friend there one year and she stared the whole time in disbelief before deciding she loved it. Hee hee! Almost done with Josh's (where DO you put the apostrophe?) book but had to take a break because it got so tense I was worried about you…going to finish it now…just one more peek at Goat Cam…sending positive vibes your way!

Shelley G.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your show! My husband turned me onto it. What wonderful life lessons you are teaching-young and old!

Would love to see more products available in your mercantile. Home goods, the t-shirts you both are sporting and other products.

We are currently looking for a farm to refurbish, raise animals (we just got 12 baby chicks) and our horses in Maine. I hope that we can come visit your farm sometime!

Keep up the great work!

Nancy T.

How adorable!

You both have such an impact on future generations, who are learning so much from you both.


My husband and I are such HUGE fans of your show!! Brent, you are so much like me and Josh and my husband are so similair. We can relate to your lives and we love you guys and can never wait for the next episode. I follow you guys on Facebook to keep up!


My mom is 77 and has a sweet crush on Josh! She finds him sweet and charming!

I told her about your show and I read the blog to her as she doesnt have internet in her neck of the woods.

Your show gives us so much to talk about as we raised cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and geese down home when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing your lives which allows Mom and me to share memories too!

You impact more lives than you know and put a warm spot in the hearts of many. Best to you both!


You and Josh are two amazing guys! I graduated from SUNY Cobleskill in 2007 and I passed the Beekman Mansion everytime I went home for the weekend. For nearly four years I marveled at the enormous home. The mansion is beautiful and I am so happy that there are wonderful people maintaining the property. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with all of us! Best wishes for a fun and successful summer!


I am enjoying watching you. I grew up on a farm. We had cattle as well as sheep and goats,chickens and pigs.

For city guys your doing well

Thanks for the show. Learn to laugh and love more.

Don't let the camera change who you are.

I am a fan


Hzven't seen the show yet, bet it is really good. I like this saying:

"Bloom where you are planted!" Maybe that could go on a tee shirt.

I try to make the best of anything. For one thing you get to use your imagination!!

Am moving furniture around today, took all the pictures down to wash walls, as the paint is good, will wash OK. Bless ya'll!


Love,love love the show. I look forward to watching. It is enlightening, amusing, and calming to my spirit. Love you both. I have told my entire office to watch and now everyone is addictedl.

janet lawson

Love,love,love your show..Found it while channel surfing and am so glad I did..I am now reading Josh's book and am lovin it too…My husband and I patiently wait each week for your show on Wednesday evening..Also..Will you be getting the t-shirts for your site??..My grandson would look adorable in it..He wears a 3T so hopefully you will have kids sizes too..Love you guys..