Real life is difficult and challenging. Sometimes it might even seem unbearable. We find that the best way to deal with reality is to bring as much magic to it as possible, and that’s why humans have always relied on it. Suspending disbelief—even if momentarily—is a survival tactic.

Children love enchanting stories and fairy tales because their souls crave magic. Stories about an unseen magical world help them perceive more of the magic already around them every day.

As we grow older, life gets a rhythm of busy-ness that can sedate our magical senses. It’s really easy to become caught up in the mundane existence of emails, social media, and work and family obligations. The result is that many people walk around with high levels of stress that impact physical health and overwhelm the mind to the point that it becomes a challenge to tune into intuition, divine guidance, and spiritual connection.

After a rough-and-tumble year, the magic that we create at the holiday season is not only a reward for our collective endurance; it’s a necessity.

This year, when designing the Mercantile theme, we were inspired by the myth that at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, animals gain the power of speech. The legend operates on the belief that Jesus’ birth occurred at exactly midnight. The animals in the manger were so awed by the presence of the holy child that they were temporarily able to speak in exaltation.

Every year at midnight, (at least the years that we’re awake,) we step out into the cold night air on the farm, walk the few paces to the barn, and listen carefully. So far we’ve never heard the goats talking, but we like to think they hear us coming and just hold it all in until the chill of winter gets the best of us and makes us return to the warmth of the hearth. (You can listen for yourself this year on the Live Goat Cam)

Even though we’ve yet to witness this miracle of the manger, we make it a practice to find a miracle on the farm each and every day. Sometimes it’s a blossom, sometimes it’s a snowflake, but the miracles are always, always there.

This holiday season—and then throughout the rest of the new year—look for miracles. Miracles both large and small are happening around you every single day. Don’t overlook or ignore them.

Want more magic in your life? Look for it! Recognize the magic, miracles, and blessings that surround you, and you can be sure that by doing so, they will multiply.

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by Josh and Brent

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Barbara Klinman

Thanks for the reminder guys! Merry Christmas – Happy Hanukah and a bright and fulfilling New Year.
P.S. I have parrots who speak to me regularly – so I BELIEVE!


That is one of the most beautiful and inspiring stories I have ever heard. Truly what a blessing it would be if that would ever happen. The story was so eloquently written…just BEAUTIFUL!

Kristina Hughes

Well said!
As a mom of two fur babies, a toddling one year old, life and business partner and performer life is crazy busy and I’m trying to alleviate the clutter and focus on the daily miracles.
Would be amazing to hear the animals speak as we move on to the next chapter in our lives over Christmas…homeownership!


What a beautiful and inspiring message. I’m watching you on Evine right now – you always make me smile! ❤️


I love your comments. I believe in miracles and have wanted to catch the animals talking also. Creation is such a wonder of miracles everyday. Too many of us are just not looking!


mske it a point to look for the miracles and find beauty in something instead of complaining. life is good no matter what your situation is. the is always beauty to be found