“If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


We always say that the biggest compliment that anyone can give us to tell us that something we’ve created has inspired them.

People often ask what year we started Beekman 1802, and while it’s true that 2009 is the year that we started the farm and the company, it’s also the year that we started “living” Beekman 1802. Along the way we’ve built a small team of employees and a legion of “neighbors” around the world who all somehow manage to inspire one another.

We think often about what it means to inspire others and here is what we’ve learned to be the essentials of doing so

Care: With all the intricacies and turmoil of the modern world, it can seem overwhelming just keeping your own head above water, but the first step in inspiring anyone is to show them that you care about them. In this day and age, you can communicate that with something as simple as a “like” on social media.

Be optimistic: The number one reason that neighbors tell us they like to hang around Beekman 1802 (whether it’s in our store, online, or on visits to our little village) is because of our relentless optimism and positivity. We are not unique creatures. We, too, have negative thoughts and sometimes bitter opinions, but we also realize that there are plenty of places to find that in the world. No one needs another, but a place that is non-judgmental and always trying to find the good in people and the beautiful in the world is transcendental.

Build people up: People are not perfect, and there’s no shortage of people who will line up to point out our imperfections. Be the person who finds the good in everyone, even the good in the imperfection.

Admit your flaws: Understanding that other people have to work hard at it too is excellent motivation to work harder. We are always the first to say if we’ve messed up a project, missed a typo, or burnt the toast. There should be no shame in showing that life is not perfectly edited all the time.

Be a dreamer: Be that person who is always asking “why?”, “how?”, and “what if?”. It is contagious, and if we ask those questions often enough dreams move from the improbable to the inevitable.





by Josh and Brent

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