Had it not been for Lego, Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys, there may have never been a Beekman 1802.  These toys inspired an attention to detail and construction that is evident in how we approach life and design on the farm.  This is part of the reason we were thrilled when the Harvest Festival episode of The Fabulous Beekman Boys inspired a Lego creation.

Kim Powell who manages the Green Savings Co-op in Florida says of her daughter’s creation:

You’ll notice that Josh even has his cup, beard, and glasses!  Sorry in advance for the hairstyles – you can only do so much with plastic!  Gabby tells me she used a Harry Potter character’s hair for Brent’s hair do!  She also wanted to point out that the tools standing closest to Brent are parallel so he should be happy about that!

Thanks, Gabby!!

The artist and her masterpiece! We expect great things from her.

by Josh and Brent

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glenda brinson

Hi Brent & Josh…I am so glad to see

Gabby has made a couple more of her

creations they are to cute. Thanks Gabby for sharing. I am enjoying the laughter

I have found in listening to both of you.



Good job Gabby! How lucky are you to live almost across the street from where the new Legoland is being built here in Florida? Can't wait to see what is next!

Nathalie and Noah

This is so exciting to see your creations showcased here 🙂 We already knew you were very creative and talented, but now you're FAMOUS! lol. Way to go Gabby!


That is soo awesome Gabby! Its so cute and very detailed! Well trained minds are detailed oriented!


I just turned in my Episode 2 creation to Brent, check back soon and they'll have it up for everyone to see!

Thanks for all the comments!


Gabby, you're great. Josh and Brent … you rock for including her!

Yeah for the little guy (girl).

Brian Dickerson

WOW…I'm impressed and agree with Dr. Brent that a scene from each episode would be great.

Thanks Gabby for sharing!!!!


I'm starting work on episode 2 today!! I think I'll add Josh in his Beekman costume 🙂 That was SO funny!

My mom is going to buy more farm pieces for me so I can add more details next time like tractors, etc.

Yippee, more Legos!!

Thanks Brent & Josh for letting me post my creations. I LOVE your show, I want to come to the Beekman to see Polka Spot! I've been working on a clay sculpture of Polka Spot too!

glenda brinson

Hi Brent and Josh…really enjoyed the article and the Lego farm from Gabby.

Maybe you can keep her contributing to

your blog. Waiting to see what is next.

I really enjoyed WHEN PIGS FLY.

Joe Geppert

Just love that a young person took such a liking to this and created such a great thing for everyone to see. Joe