For all of you who love seeing The Fabulous Beekman Boys, we thought we’d point out this little blooper reel.  Feel free to laugh at us any time you need to.





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  • By: Sandy

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE COME BACK TO ME, and a million other viewers who need our Beekman Boys fix!!!!!!!! Do you have any idea the number of hours I have spent in BT withdrawal missing my favorite men? You NEED to return!! The shaking is getting unbearablel and the men in the white coats are coming to take me away hohoheeheehaha. What do we, who love you, have to do to convince the powers that be WE DESPERATELY WANT YOU BACK! in our homes, our lives, our world? As much as I love your website, it just isn’t the same as having you live and (almost) in person. PLEASE, come back to me my FABULOUS BEEKMAN BOYS!!!!

  • By: Angela

    When will the show be back on tv??? I’m dying here!!!

  • By: Beth

    Made me laugh on a rainy, grey day. Miss you guys!

  • By: Kate's Daughter

    Fun stuff! Thanks! (And another voice to getting your world on television. I sincerely don’t understand why producers don’t get that “Beekman” is unique and interesting for all. OK. Most).

  • By: Stacy

    I agree with Alice’s comment below… More bloopers, please! 🙂

  • By: Diana Binkowski

    I love watching your bloopers or anything else you do. What are those high brow executives waiting for? We love seeing all the people and animals and all their antics. I’d rather watch that than rich housewives that hate each other. Love will always prevail.

  • By: Chaddanfarms

    Putting in my Season 1 DVD to watch today while I do laundry!! Good luck moving across the street. See you in September.

  • By: Dee

    Why is there never an answer to when you are comming back to TV? I NEED to be watching your show again ! ! ! Don’t these TV Exec’s get it???

  • By: Joan Bruce

    Please, please tell us and let us know that there will be another FABULOUS SEASON of THE BEEKMAN BOYS. Have followed you since the beginning and loved everything and have learned a lot. Can’t wait to come home for my yearly visit and stop in Sharon Springs.

  • By: Donna Shaw

    I need another season to watch. Polka Spot leaping was the cutest thing ever.

  • By: Julie Meyerle

    Miss the show, loved the books, glad you won the Amazing Race. All through the race I kept telling my husband that I was cheering for you.

  • By: The New England Girl

    You guys crack me up! Too funny! And so was the Llama hoping around! Thanks for sharing! -Nicole (The New England Girl)

  • By: Deb S

    I’ve seen these before, but they don’t get old! Love the peeks at the real part of “reality” tv.

    One thing that bothers me – why are you the same height in the “Fabulous Beekman Boys” logo/cover art? Josh is taller – who cares? It always makes me wonder if they photoshopped it or if Brent had to stand on a box… I get the American Gothic reference – clever! – but I don’t know why it would be less appealing to show your real heights. Weird.

  • By: Suzanne Koba

    I never get tired watching your antics as well as everyone and everything else’s. Thanks for letting me forego my stomach crunches, as if I do them lol.

  • By: Sonja Norman

    I loved it, especially the song when Polka Dot just frolicked across..lalalala..That was great guys:-)

  • By: Maria McKinney

    Love you all and I hope your show comes back. It’s a little bit of relaxation out of a hectic day. Brent and josh, you two are so adorable.

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